A Spy of Roses

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During the beginning of the Wars of the Roses, Lambert Simnel (Earl of Warwick) invites Phillipa on an adventure she will never forget...

Everyone in the land knew the Yorkist’s were the noblest, strongest force of power; or at least some didn’t care to admit it.

The country folk, more commonly known as the House of Lancaster lived quiet, innocent lives. A particular girl lived in these

parts of England. For a while she managed on her own and despite her mysterious appearance, a small family let her stay

with them. The girl remained independent, although she was sometimes scolded for not caring or helping with simple tasks. 

Her way of life was much simpler than what she remembered beforehand. “Philippa dear, please help Mattie with his letter.

His writing is quite atrocious,” she said shaking her head. Philippa shuffled over and wrote whatever her younger brother was

struggling to put in words. No-one ever questioned where Philippa came from or how she learned to write or present herself in

such a sophisticated way. The Lancastrians kept their distance from her all the same, except, of course her adopted family.

Their only fear was the fact that she was noticeably different.

One usual day, Philippa was dueling with her wooden-carved sword and swinging it at tree branches. A hooded figure

appeared and beckoned her into the forest. “Come child; quickly now,” he said. The figure removed his hood once they were

out of sight. Philippa didn’t recognize the boy. He had black curly hair and thin brows that slanted every which way as he

talked, gasping for breath. “My name is Lambert, but you only know me as Warwick, understood?” he pointed at her. “You

want me to lie?” she exclaimed.  He rolled his eyes. “You need only tell them that I am Earl of Warwick. Now you need to

pack your things and come with me. The York’s are planning to invade the Lancastrians. It’s been rumored for months and

now it will soon come to pass. We must hurry. I have something for you,” he said taking a heavy sheath from his rucksack.

He handed it to her. She took the blade examining its long, slender steel blade and firm handle that fit nicely in her grip. “It

was welded from only the best of makers and steels finer than all others. Use it with dignity. This blade belonged to the king

himself for a short while.” She gasped and wielded her new prize. “Careful now, only use it for your enemies.” Philippa’s hound

licked her hand affectionately. “Can Isis come with us?” “I think not. He will only be loud with his barks and make it hard for

us to travel in stealth. We will stay in the king’s castle.” They talked as they broke into a sprint. Isis whimpered as Philippa

ran away, Lambert at her side. “So are you really royal?” she questioned him, her eyes narrow with suspicion. “I daresay I am

not, but that is beside the point. I’ve tricked the king into suspecting me as the Earl of Warwick. He upholds my opinion and

lets me have a say in the council. And now the council is soon to be canceled, along with old Henry stepping down. The

throne will be empty and I believe I can fill the void,” he said grinning. The two of them found a stable and mounted two

stallions and continued their journey on horseback. “I will start a rebellion and you will assist me in this. I want you to be a

spy for me, Philippa. Do you think you could do such a task?” Philippa was hesitant with strangers, yet she felt a longing to

do something with her life. “Yes. I will be a spy.” Lambert smiled and thanked her continuing on. His gratitude was fake and

she could sense it. Philippa hoped she had done the right thing. “You will, however, need to be known only as “Phillip”. I’m

sure you can hide your identity for the time being, and I will personally train you; although from the looks of your

swordsmanship I think you may be very decent all ready.”

Submitted: October 12, 2015

© Copyright 2023 Mae B. All rights reserved.

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Another great start. Will you be adding to this? I am looking forward to more. God Bless.

Tue, October 20th, 2015 4:04am


Thanks for the encouraging comment! Unfortunately, I won't be adding to this story. It definitely wasn't one of my best.

Wed, October 21st, 2015 1:41pm

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