Awkward Embrace

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
I will finish this one too i promise! D:

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012



Kat was drawing furiously, her brow furrowed and sweat clinging to her forehead. Perhaps if she dented just that little harder with her pencil, all the pain and confusion would just go away. A knock at the door was enough for her stomach to drop, she cringed as she heard the light angelic voice speak as she opened the door.

"I was coming in even if you said no."

Angela smiled, Kat gulped she was finding it harder than ever to meet her eyes, her palms were sweaty and her brain was screaming in all different directions as she tried to speak.

"Ang.... I.." 

she stood as she croaked out her words before forgetting whatever it was that was prepared in her head, slipping over her tongue and looking down. Angela laughed again, her friend was so silly, she stepped forward to take the girl in her arms and cheer her up. Kat stiffened into the embrace and scrunched her eyes shut, Angela's face as they pulled away was enough to make a man cry, her chin wobbled as her large bottom lip jutted out, her puppy dog eyes watered before she spoke, a whole lot more strength in her tone than Kat could ever manage.

"You always react like that when I touch you, like I'm diseased... Like you don't like me.."

Her lip wobbled again and she sighed, putting her hand on Kat's face stroking with her thumb with a determined look  as Kat stiffened further and backed away a little. This hurt Angela, she was confused and angry all at once as she subconsciously continued to caress her friend's oddly smooth cheek,

"I mean-.."

Angela barely started her sentence before Kat's treacherous lips betrayed her letting a very obvious groan flow out and over to Angela whose face seemed to frown all at once confused by the reaction as she felt Kat lean into her palm, a small quiet breathless voice eked out.


But before she had the chance to further understand the buzz in her body or the excitement she felt Kat had lunged, her warm soft hands snaking to the back of Angela's neck pulling her into one of the best kisses they had both experienced, their lips matched as they fought for dominance, there was no more shy awkward jumbled words, only movement and contact, which Angela sought out the moment they broke for air. Kat's legs ached as she was pushed further down onto her desk, Angela had placed her right leg in its rightful place between Kat's, a high pitched adorable moan came from Kat and she blushed, before being pulled into a longer, deeper kiss, their tongues swirled in and over lips. Panting, Angela lets her mouth adventure further, along Kat's jaw, down her neck and over the collarbone, each new stretch of skin eliciting another spine tingling sound from the surprisingly submissive woman.




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