Comfort Me.

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is cheating cheating?
they're always so short, but i have a short attention span :D

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012



My tears fell as she cupped my face, her soft smooth palm comforting me. It felt like I was finally being noticed, cared about. My voice wobbled as I tried to speak but she soothed me back to silence, scooting closer and wrapping her other arm around me. I took deep gulping breaths and looked at her face, her kind, caring beautiful face, dipping my head I kissed her palm as her thumb continued caressing my cheekbone. Unaware of her reaction my head fell to her chest with an audible sigh, wrapping both arms around me she spoke lightly, her voice was golden and wrapped in silk, it brought heat to my belly as I looked up.

"all better?"
Her smile was enough to tell me she was genuine so I returned it, shaking my head before cautiously rising up, bringing our faces inches apart as I replied in a breathy tone,
"not yet.."
I kissed her, not the other way round, I could feel her lips and they were perfect but she did not move, I pulled back my heart pounding, had I made a mistake? Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes glistened, was she crying? My palms were sweaty and I prepared for an onslaught of apologies to deliver before our teeth clashed and her lips were on mine, breathing heavy as I was pushed back onto my bed, my eyebrows raised in shock, this was perfect. She moaned into my mouth as I let my hands roam over her back, was this wrong? I guess it was a little too late for that, we were both too far gone, but, this was my girlfriends sister who is obviously not straight, anymore.

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