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Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012




The call was certain, sudden death, torture, but oh... that voice, that curl in her name, she felt it deep down, calling to her like a mistress would a slave. Oh but wait, that's what she was, reeling her smirk back in Andy fussed with her clothes and hair before walking into the lion's den. Miranda sat there, in all her pride, her glistening white hair seemed to shine from the sun bursting down from the window behind her, her glasses perched carefully on her sharp chin. Andy gulped and pulled out her notepad ready for todays duties and any remarks that would come her way. Those icy blue eyes went from top to bottom, scrutinizing Andy, her clothes, hell maybe even her soul. 
"Close the door.."
Miranda's voice was ice cold, more so than usual that Andy's heart pounded faster as she turned round and slowly closed the always open door just noticing Emily's smug smile before the door was clicked shut caging her with her impending doom.
"do you know why I gave you this job Emily?"
Miranda skimmed through a magazine before looking up at Andy with that penetrating stare, Andy stuttered as she conjured up an answer, her doe like eyes wide with fear.
"umm.. I.. I.. you.."
"come now girl I do not have all day"
Miranda pursed her lips and Andy began to panic, she felt like she was about to cry.
"I don't know Miranda..."
With a smug, triumphant smile Miranda stood and walked round her desk, her hips swaying as she moved in on her prey.
"well...  I thought to myself, take a chance, hire the smart, fat girl"
Andy winced and straightened her back, she could feel Miranda as she circled her, smell her tantalizing perfume, it was messing with her mind as she was insulted but embraced the time she could speak with her alone.
"but you..."
Miranda sighed, standing behind Andy, her breath fell across the back of Andy's neck, she bit her lip and balled up her fists, Miranda predatory smile grew as she continued circling her.
"I have never made such a... disappointing choice"
Andy turned her head to look at her, her eyes wide and watering, her lip threatening to wobble and ruin her reserve.
"Miranda I..."
Her voice breaking, Miranda raised her hand to silence her.
"that was a fact, not an opinion"
Andy took in a deep shuddering breath and opened her mouth to speak again before looking at Miranda, she was still smiling, her brow furrowed, was Miranda truly that cruel? Tears began to fall and Miranda acted upon instinct, the door being closed was also a bonus. Miranda took a step forward as she shushed the now quite emotional girl, running her thumb across Andy's cheek to remove the tears. Andy leaned into the contact and felt her arms rise to hold the woman, but this was no ordinary woman, this was Miranda Priestly! controlling herself, she took what she could get. But as Miranda stepped closer Andy couldn't help but lean with her until there was little less than an inch between them, their breath mixed together as their eyes met. Andy's heart was beating and her stomach trembling, her head cocked to the side she leaned in, her eyes on Miranda's lips, The older woman had never felt more alive, she wanted Andy's lips on her, to feel skin on skin rather than clothes, she even felt herself leaning too before the crisp and stern voice came back into play.
"That's all.."

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