White Christmas

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This is for Ryderstokes's Christmas Contest, but please feel free to read! Well, everyone says they suck at summaries, but I am The Queen of suck.
It is a short story inspired by the title picture (I'll put it at the bottom) And the song White Christmas (Shame on you if you haven't seen the movie :P) And a girl just wants it to snow.

Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011



“I really hope it'll snow this year on Christmas.”

“Okay, really Christie, it is Christmas EVE, and it's dryer than the desert out here.”

“Hey, there's always hope, you never know Janie.”

“Except I do.” She laughs and squeezes your shoulder. It really does seem like she is right. The trees are all leafless. No one thought to bring any evergreens into the park so it's all gray and brown. Well, except for you and Janie. You both just scream Christmas cheer. With bright hats and scarfs. Your mittens clutching hers.

You glance over to the side and see an old couple. They seem to be in their nineties, she clutches his arm, and he smiles at her.

“Janie, look, they're so cute.” Your heart just melts at the love you see exchanged between their crinkly faces.

Janie whacks you on the head. “They are old, not cute, their faces are all wrinkly and old.” She scrunches up her nose.

“Oh, come on Janie, isn't it sweet how they are still together, despite their age. Do you think we'll be like that?” You smile up at her. She's so tall, she makes you feel like a gnome. She pats you on the head and you suddenly feel painfully aware that your hat is red and slightly pointy. “JANIE! I just realized something!!!”

“Yes Christie?”

“Janie, they even look like us! See, her hair eyes are blue-brown like mine! And his hair is white. We all know people who have red hair, have white hair when they get older!!!”

“Oh, I guess I see the resemblance.”

The couple have sat down on a bench by the time you finish your comparison. They hold hands, and as you finally walk by you see they have lightly dosed off. You and Janie leaving them, thinking they will wake up soon and you keep walking. Keeping up light banter, the reason you are together in the first place. She makes you laugh and you amuse her. (At least that's what she says).

Time passes and it starts to grow dark, you have a thoroughly red nose, highly flushed cheeks. And the cold has just now started to wrap it's unforgiving fingers around you. Passing back the way you came. You see thatthey aren't awake yet. Slightly worried, you pull Janie over to the bench. Sigh happily seeing their hand intertwined, them cutely suited up in puffy jackets and hats and such.

“Excuse me.” Janie lightly pats the old lady's shoulder, and you pat his. They wake up startled.

“Oh, hello, is anything the matter?” The lady's voice is soft, almost like a lullaby in itself.

“Oh, you were just asleep and it's getting dark. We just wanted to make sure you two were okay.” They chuckle, and you blink.

“We aren't going to die quite yet.” She looks around, seeming to be searching for something, her red nose flying through the air.

“Is anything the matter?”

She looks back at you. “Oh, dear me no. I was just hoping it would snow, it is Christmas after all.” She starts to half hum, half sing White Christmas under her breath.

You feel something light touch you shoulder and look up, thinking it might be rain, and see snow fall towards you eyes. You look at Janie, confused, and she looks at you the same way. The old lady stands, pulling her husband up with her. Smiles at you, her blue-brown eyes twinkling and slowly toddles away, still singing the song.

“Um, Janie, did that just happen?”

Slowly, she answers back. “I think so...?”

“Janie, do think she might have been magical, or her husband?”

Janie snaps out of her daze. “She is just as magical as you are a gnome!”

“What? I swear she must be a fairy or something!”


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