Saw Legacy: Life in Plastic

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Seen through the eyes of the original Jigsaw killer - one of his many untold tests. Cindy Etch, a self-manufactured living Barbie puts her own appearance above all else.

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Submitted: January 03, 2012

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Submitted: January 03, 2012




She jolted to life the instant her bare skin touched the cold, cement floor of the warehouse. I barely had time to make it out of the room before she reclaimed a clear mind. “Cindy Etch” was her name. Such a dolly name – so appropriate. It wasn’t difficult to track her; she demanded as much attention as she could get. However, she never needed to search for it. Those big red lips - freshly botoxed- were just asking to be chased by scores of men. She spent weeks acquiring the perfect, even tan to showcase her bright blue eyes. Even her eyebrows were beautifully sculpted. Every piece of her glowed in its detailed magnificence. This drew me to her. It wasn’t a romantic attraction – I’m above that. I didn’t want to teach her not to tease men – that’s harmless. She seemed perfectly innocent in that world of hers. To the untrained eye, there was no reason to test her. Upon meeting her, I knew it was essential to put an end to her antics. Her beauty wasn’t the disgrace - it was the cost behind that beauty.

A noise stirred up as I realised she’d triggered the tape. I watched closely, devouring her panicked sobs. She had the opportunity to survive – to improve; each moment of pain can mean another league of potential strength. “Hello, Miss Etch. Welcome to the factory. For your entire life, nothing has been more important to you than your own appearance,” she frantically searched for the source of the recording. “Now I’m giving you the opportunity to recreate yourself in a way beyond cosmetics. You’ve had each part of yourself manufactured like nothing more than a doll. At the moment, this factory is where you belong. Now, I want to play a game.” Cindy muffled her own scream, knowing that each noise she made meant another word she couldn’t hear. She knew where she was and she knew that missing one word could mean death.

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