He didn't mean for her to fall in love with him.

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For those who can't fall in love.. Who believe they are incapable. You're not alone.

Submitted: November 05, 2011

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Submitted: November 05, 2011



He didn’t mean for her to fall in love with him.

“I want to hold you, I want to know you are there. At every moment, every second that passes, I just want to know that you are there close to me” She whispered into his ear.
He turned his head to face her. He looked into her eyes, those eyes he had gazed into many times before. They still held them same knowledge and curiosity as before, but this time there was a touch of something else in them. Fear.
“I know you do” He replied. Just that very second he could see the fear intensify in her eyes.
“Then what? What is it? Is there something wrong with me? The way I am?” She questioned him, releasing her grip around him. “Am I just not enough for you? Is there somebody better out there than me for you?”
He saw the little vain above her temple throb slightly. They used to joke about that, that it was her little way of letting him knowing that she was annoyed, moody or angry. She used to swat at him with her arms and he would laugh at her. This time there was nothing funny about the situation.

All those memories, those happy memories, they will be all gone.

He didn’t want to hurt her; he never meant to hurt her. He never meant to lead her on, to make her think that that this was going to go to a place that never existed in his mind.
He didn’t mean for her to fall in love with him.
And what was left now? How was he supposed to do this to her? What was he supposed to say?
He looked at her, the pleading in his eyes as hers were screaming back ‘Don’t do this to me’.
She deserved better than him. Better than him who was prone to messing everything up, to ruining everyone’s lives. She didn’t realise it, but the closer she moved away the better.
I just can’t do this to you; I don’t feel the same way as you…”
He looked at her, expecting the worse.
I love you” she said. There was a faint tear running down the side of her face. Oh how he wanted to run over to her and wipe it off. How he wanted to tell her that everything that would be fine, and that he didn’t mean it.
But he had to, he was doing it for her.
I will never be able to love anyone” he said.
And with that he walked away.
He heard her screaming, telling him to come back and face him. Face him like a real man.
But that was the thing, he wasn’t a real man. He was just a boy.
A kid.

A kid who was incapable of learning how to love.


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