Slipping Away again

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A mom who has already lost one of her two daughters, and her husbend. Now she can barely take car of herself now what is Sam, her other daughter, suppose to do?

Submitted: September 21, 2007

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Submitted: September 21, 2007



Sam wakes up to her mother screaming at the blaring T.V. again. It must have only been seven in the morning. She gets up and remembers that yesterday was the day, the day that a year ago it happened. Sam pulled off her sweaty cover, by doing that her hair rose toward the heat coming from the small decrepid heater. Sam's long hair fell down to her waste. Her eye caught the morning light of sun that seemed to pass through, what she would call her window. Sam blinked and pulled the knob to open her door, with it came its usual squeak. Sam went down her hallway to the creeky stairs. As sam walked down one by one she noticed her mom half sitting half laying down on the couch yelling at the TV. When Sam looked by the TV and saw an infommercial. She didn't know what her mom was yelling at. Sam went over and

kissed her mom, also picking up about four or five beer bottles.

Sams mom yelled "Sam where have you been?"

"Danny" Sam said. Sam never called her mom 'mom' it just didn't fit her. Danny was a teenage mom who married the first person who asked her. Danny never got to really live out her teenage years and is starting to live them out now. In the result, she is more of a bestfriend to Sam than a mom. "I have been in my room where I am every night," Sam said a little annoyed. Danny had always worried about Sam ever since what happened to her younger sister, Tristan.

Danny sat there in the sunshine coming through the painted shut window. Danny's hair was fried from highlights her voice was raspy from smoking and her eyes were blood shot from drinking. All of this made her look older then she really was. "Good girl," she said letting her voice trail off as if she didn't care any more.

Danny walked into the kitchen. She opened her fridge and to no surprise there was almost no food left in there. She pulled out three eggs that the due date was over. She found a piece of bolony on a papertowel in the back of the fridge. She pulled that out and a little bit of butter. Danny sat on the couch talking to herself. The Danny yelled out "Food?" Sam pulled out the frying pan and turned it on high. Then Danny heard the sizzle of the butter and went back to talking to herself. After the butter melted Sam cracked the egg and dropped it into the fryer. The egg cracked with noise when it hit the pan. "How is it going?" Danny asked. Sam looked up out of distraction, then she yelled.

Danny sat up quickly and said "Sam?" There was no answer besides the noise of the faucet being turned up. Danny got up and went over by Sam to see what was up. When Danny got in the kitchen she saw Sam running her hand under the faucet with cold water. Slowly Danny could start to smell the burning egg. "What did you do Danny?"

"I burnt myself." Sam said angrily. Her face was red from the heat of the stove and her hair was stuck to it. Sams right hand was stuck under the clean clod water. "What does it look like? Are you going to get the eggs off the stove?" Sam was annoyed, this was the last thing she need.

Danny walked over toward the stove. She turned off the burner and removed the black eggs. The smell reminded her of smoking. "Im going out for a cig," Danny went out on the the back porch and pulled out a cigarette. As she looked down at the ashes falling from her cigarette, tears ran down her check. She had already lost one daughter and her husband. Now she can't even take care of herself for Sam. Danny new she was slowly slipping away and she was to far to turn it around she was gone and there was nothing to stop it. She no longer cared about what she looked like. She lost her job and she couldn't stop smoking, she could care less for Sam. The only one person that cared about Danny was Sam. Sam was keeping Danny alive but slowly Danny was slipping, and Danny knew it.

Sam sat in the kitchen with cold water under her hand with tears running down her face. She had lost her best friend, her sister, Tristan. Sam felt it was her fault for it. Sam knew her sister was going out. Sam knew her sister couldn't go out, but she said she would cover.

"Are you sure you got it, sis?" Tristan said. Her long black hair fell just short of her elbows. She had freckles on her cheeks and nose. Sam was always jealous of her sister. Sam always thought she had the prettier looks and well Sam was the nerd.

"Yea I'm not doing anything that YOU would call fun." Sam was sitting in gray sweats and a white tanktop. She was curled up in a cozy spot on her couch. In their living room. (This was before they moved.)

"BN." Tristan said. Her mini skirt and her red tank top mimicked what she said. BN stood for Book Nerd. Tristan gave that to Sam when she first gave up going out to parties to read a book. She swayed and her hair went with her.

"Whatever," Sam said smiling opening her book. "Well I'm reading my book which is so ingrossing that I don't know what is going on around me. Maybe let's just say someone named Tristan could sneak out with out me knowing." Tristan laughed and tiptoed toward the front door and closed it as loud as she could. Sam snickered to herself and read. As the night went on Sam grew tired and closed her eyes for a second. The next thing she remembers is the sirens blaring in front of her house and her mother crying and her dad talking.

Sam removed her hand and there was a big blister right on the palm of her hand. Sam started to cry. Sam blamed herself for her Tristans death and Sam knew that Danny blamed her to for Tristans death. She missed her sister so much. Sam just wished that her that she would have stopped her sister from going. She could have prevented what had happen. Her dad wouldnt have taken so much time off work because of Danny. Then Sams dad lost his job, which he then blamed Danny for. Then shortly afterward he left. Which then drove Danny into smoking because she blamed herself for him leaving. Then Danny had to move into a smaller house, and get two jobs to support herself and Sam. Danny stopped caring about Sam because Danny knew that Sam could have stopped her from going out. Danny reseinted Sam for Tristans death.

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