The Runaway Teen Mother

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There's a girl named Zakiyah she live with her parents and she has a boyfriend that's two years older than her she wants to be with him and she really loves him so she runs away with him, to his house and try's to find a way to tell him that she's pregnant at the end of the story. pregnant

Submitted: February 22, 2012

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Submitted: February 22, 2012










“I’m leaving this place, I’m going so far away that she’ll never be able to see me again. I’m getting my cloths and leaving” I said with fear. “No don’t do it, your mother and father will be worried sick also angry,” said the angle on her shoulder. “I don’t care my mother and father is always down my back, ever boyfriend I’ve ever had they always run them away, will not this one, I’ve had enough, they are two tall unbelievable people who don’t care about no one but themselves and the two little ones, they always pecking them two,” as the devil interrupt “oh yeah! Where are we going, when are we going, don’t listen to that push over, let’s blow this joint.” “I’m going to Alexander house, today, my mother and father has a pecking connection going on in this house and I’m tired of it.” As I put the book bag on her shoulder knocking the angle off her shoulder.

“Where you might be heading with a book bag filled with cloths” as I jumped down out the window realizing that is my brother. “I’m leaving this hell whole called a house,” I said “Well sis I agree with you, hears 300 dollars, if you need me call me I’m here for you.” He said handing here the money “ Please don’t tell mommy hears a letter read it...”

Dear mom & Dad, I’m leaving this shit whole you two call a house or home, don’t worry about where I’m going, just know that I will be fine one day I will call you and let you know how I’m doing, this is on my own behalf love you always –Zakiyah
P.S. You’re going to have a Grandchild.
As I walk towards the bus stop I notice that I lost money that my brother had gave me, so I pull my cell phone out and call Alex. “Alex I’m on my way to your house, to stay forever.” I said as the tears fall down my cheek like a waterfall. “Well how are you” as I cut him off “I lost all my money to get up to you house all 300 of it” I said. “Where did you loose it at?”, “I lost it at that shit whole of a house” As they both start laughing out loud. “Well just call a taxi and I’ll pay for it, call me when you get outside” “Thanks, for everything”, “that’s what I’m here for, I’m here though thick and thin.”

As I pulled up to the big blue house, I see a black car that looks just like my parents car so I told the taxi to drive around the block. So we arrive back in front of the big blue house in North Philadelphia, the car is now gone. By me being so worried I forget my cloths in the taxi, I walked into the house “hello everyone”, “Hey Zakiyah” everyone said cheerfully I walked over to Alex and asked him to come upstairs to talk for a minute. As we walk upstairs he ask me “Babe where’s your cloths” he said with a smile. “Well that’s what I wanted to talk to you about, I was so worried, about this black Toyota outside of your house, I though it was my mother car, I forgot my cloths in the taxi.”, “Well I have some old cloths that’s too small for me, they are boy, but next week we can go to KOP and shop for you.”, “Babe what would I do without a boyfriend like you Thanks!”, “I know would die if someone took you away from me or hurt you, I would go crazy, I’ll show the love you need and how it feels to have love, and be loved by a real family.”, “Some day you will make a great father.”, “Yeah you think so!”, “Yes how about in 9 mouths.”  


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