Silent Peace

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A young girl who cuts.

(This was an english assignment, we were to pick out short phrases from a novel and make it into a poem, this is mine)

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



She wanted to believe everyone was kind

"You'll never be good in life. You're not tough"

A small little demons voice at the back of her head,

She was miserable and doomed to crash like a meteor--

In the midst of tangled metal

A tear streaked down her jaw

Anger started building in her

She she had to keep going

Grunt of satisfaction

Veins standing out in her scrawny neck

The red now pulsing in her cheeks

Face the color of ketchup

The blood began dripping--

Bracelets covering her forearms

They'd learned where to look and where not to,

She has the killer instinct

And has to keep it a secret

She was crippled

Nothing alive about her but the slow crawl of tears,

The final screw fell

Life was for the living

Little wire cutter came to her rescue

Blood was smeared everywhere

A pulse throbbed at her temple

She dropped down to her knees she went out,

With white purplish hollows under her eyes

The flesh was white and cold

She tried to explain to them

But they wouldn't hear it

All she ever wanted was peace


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