Dark Glamour

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Dark glamour

Submitted: June 19, 2010

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Submitted: June 19, 2010



All the jewel and the stones

Given to the splendid Kings.

All the arrays and comely things,

Silver crowns and golden thrones.

On parade, the dark glamour;

Fallen angels, feathered wings,

Beauty and wantonness that swings

In a dance, a ballroom tour.

While streams of wine are poured.

Red cascades... Like blood that beams,

inebriated toxic dreams

with its lust so sweet and sour.

World of fire. Flames that spark

Over bodies white as snow.

All these passions to bestow

Over eyes of glamour dark.

Profound perfume of the clover,

Angels' lips reddened with wine.

Kisses crushed and limbs entwined.

Seraphic eyes... Magic all over.

Wondrous flights over the Abyss

Gleaming wings, black diamonds, pearls,

Knightly robes for hellish Earls.

Mighty rings. Power and bliss.

Nothing ever seen like this.

Shadowed glades. The dawn in dew.

Wanderers of nights so blue.

Intermingled skies and seas.

Never hearts were bound so tight

With the chains of deep allure.

Fallen soaked in dark glamour.

Sin parade of black delight.

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