Hero Crisis: Running to the Only Reality

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A story draped in the scars of a devastated kingdom. This is the story of one man that woke up in a place that he did not fall asleep in. Tom went to sleep in his room and woke up to a person rushing toward him. His next eight seconds could decide the rest of his life. A friend could betray him or an enemy he doesn't know could become his most valuable ally. Nothing is certain, except the shadows hanging over the kingdom, waiting to devour the light.

Table of Contents

Artists wanted!!!

Hey, this is Magic and I would like to ask my readers and fans if anyone could draw this better then me lol maybe a dock with some pirate... Read Chapter

1. Waking up to Danger

He heard the sounds of footsteps coming closer. Something wasn't right. He was in his bed last night when he went to sleep. Why was he st... Read Chapter

2.A New World of Inconsistencies

Stepping out under the lamplight, Adriene looks up and notices the lights don't flicker. Power? Though, on closer inspection, he can see ... Read Chapter

3. A Splitting Memory

The atmosphere is loud as he walks into the bar. His presence doesn't change the mood of the place, and no one even looks at him. The loc... Read Chapter

4. Clearing Connection

Time slowly came back into focus as I drew the gem out. The three members of the Dark Church leaned forward in anticipation. The Hyste... Read Chapter

5.My purpose and Suppressed feelings

Even though I had got my memories back, the site of the technologically advanced lab stunned me for a moment. It wasn't only filled with ... Read Chapter