The Devil's Wheel

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A murderer is paid $5,000 to murder people....a wife willing to pay that money to kill her husband got to him a little too late.

Short but sweet! :D :D >:D

Submitted: August 04, 2010

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Submitted: August 04, 2010



"Ok, I've given you the money, just get it over with and hurry up with it." I whispered as I quickly handed him the money. "Don't worry, he'll be dead by tomorrow." he replied, grinning. Thank god! Well, might as well explain how I got here. I hired this guy to murder my husband, because he's such a dumbass. It cost $5,000, but like I give a crap right? Haha. But yeah, I've just paid him, and now I better get ready for a Brinlon-free life! Oh yeah, Brinlon is my husband. Mr. Moteen walked off. Mr. Moteen is the man I hired to murder my husband. I then decided to explore the old carnival site. I jumped over the gates to the old ferris wheel and sat in one of the thingy majigs. I thought about my husband abusing me, hitting me, stabbing me, whipping me, making me beg for mercy. This time, it won't be me begging for mercy though. As I looked around the ferris wheel, I remembered my father never let me go to the old carnival. He always said, "Carnivals are where you can face your death, child. The devil makes carnivals to lure all the careless children in!" I'd always complained to that.

The next day.........

When I got there again, Mr. Morteen was waiting. "Is he gone?" I asked eagerly. "Yeah he's gone!" He scoffed, and he grinned at me. Then, he said, "Now it's your turn." I was confused. But then, he grabbed a knife out of his pocket and before I could run, he stabbed me in the heart. I fell to my knees staring up at him. "Why?" I asked, tears spilling out of my eyes. He shrugged. "Your husband got to me first." was all he said, and then he walked off carelessly. Then, as I lay on the cold ground, I repeated my father's words in my head. "Carnivals are where you can face your death, child." The devil makes carnivals to lure all the careless children in!".............that was the day I finally understood my fathers words.


The carnival is where I faced my death, child. The devil made the carnivals to lure all of you others in. Never underestimate words.

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