The Wild Wood PT 2

The Wild Wood PT 2 The Wild Wood PT 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Children Stories



Status: Finished

Genre: Children Stories



A continuation of The Wild Wood
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A continuation of The Wild Wood

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Wild Wood PT 2

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A continuation of The Wild Wood

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 06, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 06, 2013




Hi There here's another tale I have for you.

Deep in the magic forest in the small village of Dudley the people were running to the market place, where something strange was going on.They saw a very odd looking stranger, he was dressed in a long robe of many colours. He had long white hair to his shoulders a long beard, twinkling eyes and a friendly smile. When he saw all the people coming towards him he stood up to greet them.

"Good day my friends! Thank you for your welcome. I have come from a distant land many miles away." He sat down on the wooden bench, beside him was a large wicker basket with a lid which seemed to move now and again. The people edged a little nearer trying to see what he had in the basket.The people weren't too sure of the stranger, and wanted to know more about him, one asked,

"I wonder if he's a magician, wizard or just a peddler?" Then someone else asked.

"Iwonder what he has in that big basket?" A woman in the crowed called out,

"You stupid muffins! The only way to find out is to ask him." So the group slowly walked up to him and asked,

"Sir we were wondering, what do you have in your basket that is so special? Will you be selling it at the market?"

The stranger stood up and said to the people gathered around him.

"I am a magician my friends. I am not selling anything. I will show you all a most unusual egg I have found on my travels.He carefully opened the lid of the basket. There were many"Ooooos and Aaaaah's" from the crowd.

"I believe it's a dragons egg." That did it ! They all started to find somewhere to hide. The cats shot up the nearest tree, the dogs hid behind the stalls and boxes. The magician laughed to see the mad scramble to get away from the basket.

"My friends! Please. Come back! There's nothing to harm you. I know it's a special dragon, when the shell opens and the baby dragon is white, I know then it will be aGood Luck dragon and will help you all. I think I can hear something moving in the basket."

The people began coming out of hiding to see what was happening to the egg.They could hear the cracking sounds as the egg shell broke open, and there in the middle of the shell sat a white baby dragon. It was trying to stand and stretch it's wings and made a tiny puff of smoke. The crowd clapped and the excited children danced around calling out.

"We have a Good Luck Dragon ! Yippy!"

"I will leave the dragon in your care and as it grows bigger it will protect your village and do no harm, I may come back this way again so look after him well." He said something to the dragon, gave him a pat, then vanished.

Well my friends.They were lucky to have a Good Luck dragon. There's not many of them to be had, not even in for now I will close my covers until next time when I find more stories to tell you ,sweet dreams ! RAGS.


Hi Thereit's me with another story to tell you, let me see now. This story is about a pixie called Jinks, very playful and always getting into mischief, and usually landing himself in trouble. One bright and sunny morning he decided to go across a field carrying a basket to collect some big juicy blackberries to make some jam for his tea. He was careful to keep out of the way of the large animals in the field.

He slowly made his way along the bushes, picking all the biggest ones he could find. There was one he spotted just out of his reach and, putting his basket on the ground, he looked for a stick to poke at it. There were plenty around but too short to reach. He tried everything he could think of but that blackberry wouldn't budge an inch. Jinks was getting cross at that blackberry and at himself,

"If I can squeeze through the brambles just a little and poke the stick up it might knock it off then again it might not." Poor Jinks was now getting hot and bothered and determined not to let that blackberry beat him. He found a few more sticks to push the bush open enough for him to get in,but the brambles closed trapping him. The horrid thorns on the brambles tore at his coat as he moved about trying to free himself.

"Alright. You can keep the blackberry, only please let me out of here." The sticks that Jinks had propped the brambles open moved, and he was able to get out.

"Pheeeew! Thank goodness! I'm out of there.Oh my coat is torn now! What am I going to do?" He was so cross he bent down, picked up a stick and threw it at the bush. SURPRISE! The blackberry fell off and landed at his feet.Jinks put it in his basket,and went back over the field keeping away from the animals, to the wood where the fairy folk lived.

Their houses were made from big toadstools with windows, doors and crooked chimneypots puffing wisps of smoke now and again.Jinks knocked on the frontdoor of a large toadstool, it belonged to a family of dwarfs who were all tailors. The dwarfs had long pointed ears,sparkly eyes and big grins, all dressed in long tail coats, pantsand long slippers with the toes curled up. They all wore different colours as they were the rainbow dwarfs.They all knew Jinks and asked him into their colourful home. When they saw his coat all torn at the back and pockets ripped off, the elder dwarf said.

"What have you been up to Jinks to get your coat torn like that?"One of the others saw the basket of blackberries he was trying to hide behind his back. "I went to pick a few berries to make jam for my tea, and a very big one at the top I tried to reach it when I got tangled in the brambles, is there anything you can do with my poor coat?" The dwarfs looked at the coat and shook their heads.

"We will make you a new coat of many colours, it will be ready tomorrow." Jinks was so excited thanked the dwarfs, picked up his basket and ran home thinking to himself.

"A basket full of berries, and a new coat. I know what I'll do," And taking the basket into the kitchen he put a few in a pan for the jam and made a crusty blackberry pie, with the others for the dwarfs.The next day he put the pie in his basket and went to collect his new coat. He ran all the way to the rainbow house and knocked on the door.

"Come in, Jinks. Your coat is ready to try on." It fitted like a glove, and he twisted and twirled around the room. It was made of all the colours of the rainbow in little patches.

"I love it I love it!Thank you all ! There is a surprise in my basket for you all." The dwarfs put the basket on the table and with a big "OH!" They rushed around for plates and spoons. One of them brought a jug of cream , then they all tucked into the scrumptious pie.

And that my friend is that for now until the next time!!


In an enchanted forest, where inavery big cave, tha twent deepunder ground. There were many tunnels, some large and some small .Thewater dripping off the roof of the cave and slowly running down the walls making stalactites and weird shapes and sparkling as the water dripped into the warm water, making the air in the cave nice and warm.

Now this cave is the home of a large green dragon, his name is Gilbert and a very friendly dragon, also he has a peta large white rat who lives with him called Wilber, who looks after Gilbert and cooks his food and other things, like getting scraps and coal. Gilbert was fast asleep, and looked so peaceful with his glasses still onhis long nose, after reading yesterdays paper.

A piece of uneaten cheese still on a plate beside him, Wilber had his eye on itbut wouldn't touch it , as they had been friends for a long time and friendship ment more to him than that dried up piece of moldy cheese. Gilbert supplied the fire for Wilber to cook on, butas he was only small Wilber used a long stick with a fork on the end to toast whatever food he could find.

Gilbert was beginning to wake up, stretching himself yawning,and flapping his wings just a little so as not to knock anything over. He looked around andsaw Wilber sitting on his box by the fire, toasting a piece of cheese and some mushrooms, he had found for his masters breakfast. "That smells good Wilber do you have some for yourself."

"Thank you I will the paper man has left a basket of food for you with the paper this morning."

"That was very kind of him as I don't go out very often, the village people keep us supplied with food in exchange for a little help from me, as you know from time to time." The dragon has also a very good friend a certain white knight would often visits and talksto Gilbert,giving him all the news,of thepeople in the village, the knight has a beautiful white horse called Valiant he has a very long mane and a long flowing tail that almost touches the ground, he stays outside the cave, because he'sa little frightened of the dragon, although he would never hurt him.

Gilberts friend Sir Percy likes to sit and chat about the things Gilbert dose, for instance a very good job of scaring off unwanted guests.

"Ah do you remember? Gilbert the time when a few young Knights, roamed about the village, and caused a lot of trouble." Gilbert never hurts anyone, but he can do a good job at scaring them away. Well on that particular day. A few young Knights were showing off in their new suits of armour, and making a lot of noise as usual , frightening the villagers.

Gilbert crept slowly into the town and hid behind a barn and drank a large bucket of water left for him, then waited for the show offs to come his way. He didn'thave long to wait. They had left their horses in the stables and the terrible noise they made clanking about falling over and scrambling to get back on their feet again. Gilbert took a chance he sprang out on them, and sprayed them with very hot steam, sending them howling in all directions finishing up all sitting in the village duck pond sending the ducks flapping away, and the villagers cheering!.

You see boiling hot steam and metal trousers don't! Mix and Gilbert gave them something to think about "HOT PANTS"

The young Knights certainly learnt a lesson they wouldn't forget fora long time and said they were sorryto the villagers and made friends with Gilbert, as they said with a friend like Gilbert who needs enemies. The next day the villagers gave him a big bucket of coal, for helping them. and waved goodbye as he carried the bucket home with Wilber sitting on his head, and feeling very pleased with himself, and with extra coal as the winter was coming and the nights getting cold.

Gilbert and his friend Percy as he calls him often sit by the fire, with Wilber and tell the story of the hot pants and laugh while they all tuck into the toasted cheese on toast and a mushroom or too, and wondering what other adventures may come.


Somewhere in the land of Never-Was a place where anything can happen. As in dreams of dragons, wizards, witches and all the things that go bump in the night. A place of magical dreams that come and go in a puff of smoke.Never-Was has many exciting tales to tell of dragons good and bad. There was one dragon, so mean and angry that it stopped him from breathing fire, so he started to eat coal, but all he could manage was a sooty smoke and a nasty cough.

One day a very powerful wizard Benoza watched the dragon for a while,

"That's a nasty cough you have." The dragon just scowled at the wizard.

"It's your own fault you know for smoking coal." The dragon blew out another cloud of black smoke, and started to cough again.The wizard was getting very angry, at the stupid dragon puffing out clouds of smoke everywhere.

"That's it! I can see there's no other way. I'm going to banish you to a black hole in space, until you mend your ways." And so he did.

Wizard Benoza is very kind, and has many friends.One day a young witch called Lexis, who was rather round went to see him and cried

"Please Benoza can you help me?" She had her boot strings tied together, and put them around her neck while her odd striped socks on her feet were still steaming, as she had been running so fast. in between her sniffs and trying to dry her eyes, she said.

"My broom is on strike, it has turned upside down, and stamps on the floor with it's handle. It refuses to let me fly what ! Am I to do with it?" The wizard looked at his young friend Lexis and tried not to laugh.

"Lexis I'm afraid I cannot help. Only you can do that. I feel sorry but you are what you eat and I'm afraid sometimes too much. I will help if I can. When you start to get lighter, then your broom will be rearing to go up in the air and away with you."

"Oh thank you. I feelmuch better now." Her socks now dry and she put them on , then with the laces in her boots put them on said.

"Next time I come to see you I will be flying Goodbye." and started the long walk home.

Benoza is the most powerful wizard in the land, but even he can use a little help from his many helpers from the village and his special dwarfs. And the many books of spells of the most famous wizard of all in the dark ages, Merlin, has helped him sort out many problems of bad dreams , that pop up now and again. There was a knock onthe kitchen door."See who it is " Benoza called from the parlour.

One of the dwarfs being a might short put a stool by the door so he could reach the latch. Then he jumped off and opened the door. Alot of people were waiting to see Benoza, one man stepped forward.

"Sir we are being plagued by something we can't see. Things knocked over in houses, doors banging, mouse traps open no dead mice but the cheese gone.everyone keeps having their cheese stolen" Benoza had been walking up and down while stroking his beard and nodding his head now and again. "Mmmmmm I may have an answer.

Bring me the largest round cheese you can find tonight, then we will find out what happens ." That night the men struggled in with the huge cheese, wrapped in paper and put it on the table that groaned with its weight. Benoza smiled looking at the size of the cheese and told the men to hide behind the screen in the corner, then making himself invisible whispered "Now we wait "

The only sound was the ticking of the old clock standing in the corner and rustling sound like someone was tearing the paper of the cheese. The men tried to see and peeped through a hole in the screen.There was nothing there .Then they saw Benoza holding up by the scruff of his neck and the seat of his pants a hob-goblin with a piece of cheese in his hand.

"Let me go." He screamed at the wizard kicking and wriggling trying to get free from his grip.

"I think you have something to do, starting by saying sorry to all the people you have stolen from." Benoza muttered something then let him go

"You will not be able to disappear now I have removed the invisibility spell" The goblin sat on the table looking miserable and feeling sorry for himself. The men came from behind the screen clapped and laughed at the funny sight.Now and again a rather strong pong was emitting and wafting across the room the men were holding their noses . Benoza told the goblin he has to earn his cheese bydoing odd jobs for the villagers. He would get more cheese that way, and turning around,

"Will someone get rid of that horrid ponging cheese befor it starts to grow legs!" As he said that the cheese began to glow green. Two men grabbed it and made for the door. All the people moved out of the way, they put it away from the house and ran back just in time as the cheese exploded with an almighty bang!! With green cheese flying everywhere.

Back in the house Benoza calmed everyone down except the goblin still standing on the table, his face going green his knees knocking and a piece of cheese in his hand going green too Benoza looked at him.

"Run get rid of it now!! As fast as you can," He jumped off the table and threw it as far as he could. Nearly too late as it started to fizz and shot off like a rocket into space.Everything was covered with the smelly stuff ! And a small piece certainly went a long way,

That's all for now more stories about Benoza next time.

"I believe I know who played that nasty prank on you all. There are three nasty old crones of witches and they delight in scaring people, and when I find them I will teach them a lesson they won't forget in a hurry, they might finish up in the same black hole as the dragon."He said goodbye to the people, and with two of his dwarf friends picked up his carpet bag and they all disappeared in a puff of blue smoke.then everyone went home, A spell locked the doors of the house while the wizard was on his travels.

There wasn't much happening in Never-Was until a strange howling and growling was heard coming from the forest, and a crashing and crunching sound as if something big was walking through the brambles,. The people shut their doors and windows. The weird noise coming from the forest was barking but it wasn't any local dogs.A few brave men armed themselves with pitch forks, poles and one had an old gun as the forest was not the place to be after dark

They were covered in capes with hoods to hide themselves from whatever it was making the terrible howling. It started again and close by the men who nearly jumped out of their skins, when from behind one of the big trees stepped a big hairy animal. It's face was that of a long nosed bear, with fangs and red eyes. It's hands had claws. It stood on two feet and it sniffed the air,and looked in the direction where the men were hiding and gave a terrible howl! That did it the men dropped their capes and shouted

"It's a werewolf! Run!"They went in all directions like the wind their feet hardly touching the ground, as the beast raced after them to the edge of the forest. The people went running with lots of lights to scare the beast off. the men puffing and panting gasped,

"Benoza will know what to do, after he has sorted out the three bad witches."The people put as many lanterns they could find at the edge of the forest, to keep the werewolf and any others in the forest.

Benoza found the three bad witches in a cave at the edge of the dark forest, all huddledaround a fire with a large black cauldron bubbling away and hissing out steam. They didn't see the wizard until one of them turned around.

"Oh sisters we have a visitor. Who do we have the honour?"

"You all know who I am, and I know that you have been scaring people and it has got to stop now!." holdinguphis armsand waving his wand in the air."You have had your fun now its time tp pay.your heading for a black hole in space to join the dragon I sent there but now he is cured of smoking coal and his cough has gone.He has turned over a new leaf and is a good dragon now.The witches were getting scared.

"What is going to happen to us?" "There are bad dreams coming from the vanishing Kingdom of Haligon and the nightmare creatures are free in the Kingdom .I have the power and will need some help." The witches muttered to themselves.

"We can't you have taken away our magic and grounded us. Why should we help you."

"By helping me you are also helping yourselves, Shaking off the black magic for good magic." They agreed.then Benoza waved his wand over the witches and the dragon and picking up his carpet bag with the dwarfs they all vanished back home just in time to hear what's going on in the forest. The people told him about the werewolves.In between trying to grab something to eat ,Benoza held up his hand.

"I havejust the thing to stop them.. Outside! Follow me I have a dragon over there who is now cured of his bad habits and wants to show you what he can do ." Benoza went over to the dragon and with a tap on his nose with his wand, whispered.

"Give it all you've got!" The dragon took one, two, three, deep breaths and blew a longflame of fire making the dragon glow red."WOW!"

Everyone clapped and danced around .Benoza stood next to the dragon who was feeling very pleased with himself.

"I don't think the werewolves are likely to bother us again. They have gone to where all the nightmares go. Far out into space beyond the black holes, never to return to this land." A ltleboy went to Benoza and tugged at his long sleeve. "Has your dragon got a name?" Benoza laughed" He as now I call him Smoky just to remind him not to eat coal gain. He's coming with me and the three witches to the Kingdon of Haligon to help the noble knights drive away all the horrid nightmare creaatures for ever.

Never-Was is still a place were anything can happen and dose. While everyone dreams.The magic is that nothing can hurt you in a dream. As soon as you wake they are gone! Benoza and Smoky are now home withall their friends talking abouttheir adventures.


"Hi There it's me again Rags with another story to tell you

This one is about a group of musical clowns. They played all kinds of instruments flutes, trumpets, guitar and violin and went around many market places to entertain the people while they bourght fruit , flowers and vegetables from the colourful stalls, then just sat and listened to their music. One day as the clowns set off through a wood, playing as they went along,the paths. Many small animals followed on behind enjoying the music, One of the clowns who played the violin stopped and called out.

" Oh! The strings on my bow have snapped! I can't play anymore what can I do?"

The clowns stopped so suddenly causing them to bump into each other, and fell in a heap, making the small animals shoot off in all directions. The clowns laughed as they sorted themselves out, brushing the leaves off their clothes and instruments, the tallest clown called out "Have you got anymore strings Marko?"

"No! BiffoI haven't they are special magic strings and I don't know where to find anymore."

"We might find someone in the next village, if anyone can help us."

They carried on walking and singing along the winding paths, and stopped when they saw an unusual shapped round cottage, in the middle of the wood. It was painted in many colours, a redroof, green and yellow walls, blue door mauve windows and grey smoke curling out of the crooked black chimney pot.

"Jingle go and knock on the door, and see who lives there." The small clown with his knees knocking, crept upto the door, turned looked back at the others waiting to see whoopened the door.

"Go on Jingle knock on the door!" Poor Jingle timidly knocked on the door turned tail and ran back to the others. The door slowly opened and a dwarf stood on the step and looked to see who was there and shook his had, then a few more dwarfs came to see.

"Did you see who it wasRed?"

"No Blue someone knocked and ran away." All the clowns had been watching then Biffo plucked up courage to goand talk to the dwarfs.

"My name is BiffoI'm very sorry Jingle was scared and ran. We are trying to find anyone to help us find the special magic strings for Marko's violin." The dwarfs invited all the clowns in their cottage and sat them at the round table,with mugs of hot chocolate and told them they could help, but first they needed the clowns to collect things from the wood. Biffo and Marko were ready to collect anything the dwarfs asked for.

"Marko as it's you're violin we need you to find as many large cobwebs with the early morning dew still on them, and Biffo a few white and mauve thistle down also with the dew."

The other clowns also went to help. After a while the clowns were back at the cottage with everything the dwarfs wanted, and sat at the table to watch was going to happen. The dwarfs put on very tall hats that wobbled as if they were alive. Then theyput the things on a silver tray. The dwarfs formed a circle held hands, and bent their heads so the hats touched.

Suddenly a bright light flashed in the room and on the tray then it disappeared, The dwarfs stood up to see, there, on the tray were long silvery strands of magic strings. Marko jumped up and with his violin put a new string on his bow,and began to play the sweetest sounds the dwarfs have ever heard. The other clowns joined in to entertain the dwarfs to thank them for their help.

Biffo wanted to know more about the dwarfs, their colourful cottage and their strange names and those! Hats! The dwarfs laughed at Biffo and Red said. "Oh that's easy Biffo we are the Rainbow dwarfs, and take our names from the colours of it. Our cottage is painted withits colours. Our tall hats hold our magic and will only work when our hats touch."

The clowns said goodbye and played their music as they went to the next market."I hope you enjoyed that story weren't they lucky to find the dwarfs till next time RAGS.


Have you, ever had one of those dreams where you feel you are in it and surrounded with a lot of different kinds of doors, like in a hall of mirrors. I felt a bit like Alice-in-Wonderland, trying them one at a time. I found a strange looking door. A very big, strong and single door. The colour has a metallic look with a tinge of mauve.

A shadow falls across the door, as far as I can tell the door isn't made of wood. It is made up with many panelslong ones upright and shorter across making a pattern.I can't tell if the ladder effect on the right is connected to the door. In the centre of the door is a large mask like face of a jinni, very fierce and forbidding as often seen in stories like the Arabian Nights it's the face of the guardian on the door.

On the right side of the door is a very large knocker in the shape of a hand with a clawed fist. Underneath is a rosette shape with a face in the centre, and below that a very big handle, with a decoration on the top to match. The knocker had to be strong to pull the huge door open.

The door seems to have a glow about it, that makes it look like it's made of metalof some kind, and has been standing there for ages. It's the kind of door covered in mystery and I'm wondering what is the face on the door guarding? Could it be a doorway to another world in space?

It sparked off my imagination and I could be whisked off on a flight of fancy to make believe worlds of magic just waiting to be found. To touch the door it makes me feel excited and also cautious, the kind of feeling that makes your hair stand on end as if the door was to suddenly open! And who or what opened it?

The handel is very strong and tough and being metal feels cold to touch. After a few tugs and with a groan the door opened slowly. Wow! It opened on to a beautiful garden, and a magnificent medieval castle can be seen in the distance. I'm not sure if I should go, in case the magic door shuts again and I'm trapped inside the garden.Well here goes! if I don't go, I will never know what else there is to see. I haven't a clue where I am but there's an eerie feeling as if i'm not alone?

The flowers are like the colours of the rainbow and the smell of the flowers fill the air with a magic perfume of delight, to add to the trickling sound of waterfrom many statues in the fountains. Water trickled over the moss and made it a soft green carpet to walk on passed a bed of sweet smelling pinks and lavender.

I heard a strange sound in the distance, was it a fox? No, what can it be to make that chilling sound? There it goes again! Now I see something moving along the gravel path, there were two very large peacocks one royal blue with a brilliantly coloured fan like tail with long feathers that looked like eyes. The other bird was white with the same coloured feathers. They have very small heads for such big birds,that weird crying sound they make sends shivers up and downmy spine.

I saw the regal way they slowly walked past, with their beautiful tails movinggently from side to side, The many colours in the feathers stand out as the sun shone through the tail when it completely surrounds the bird. I can see someome walking in the garden, and coming this way. I'm not sure just yet, as this is a magic garden, who it might be?

Now I can see a strange chair with legs and a tail walking towards me and sitting on it an old gentleman with long white hair, and a long beard to his knees. He is wearing a long green robe and a dark green cloak covered with stars, and not forgetting his pointed hat and red slippers. I might have guessed a wizard. He tapped the chair to stop and came to me.

"Tell me who you are? And how did you get into my magic garden?

"My name is Joyce sir and you are in my dream I found a picture of a door. I just opened it and found myself in your beautiful garden with those marvellous peacocks."

"My goodness! The guardian on my door must have been asleep. No matter, you're here now. Come let me show you all the magic in my garden." He tapped the chair, it seemed wider as it stood up,and the wizard sat back.

"Come along Joyce. Sit beside me. It's perfectly safe and I'll do the grand tour of the magic garden." I sat in the chair and it started to walk. It felt strange, not only sitting and talking to a wizard, but a chair with four legs a tail and a lions head! I just sat held on tight and enjoyed the ride.

"Tell me sir, why do you have a chair with legs that can move?"

"In a magic garden any kind of wheels would damage the ground, Now ! If you had soft paws as my chair has it can walk anywhere it wants to go."

"Are there anymore animals in the garden sir?" The wizard tapped on the chair to stop and we walked beside a large fountain with fish of many colours. "I have many kinds of animals. Over there are my pink flamingos and multi coloured parakeets,and all the small animals that like to play about, but I also have a Dodo bird."

I thought to myself I'm going to wake up in a minute how can he have a Dodo bird they have been extinct for hundreds of years!"iknow what you are thinking Joyce, they are almost a mystical creature but in this garden with magic you can have anything you disire. Come along there is more to see," He called to the chair, we both sat on it and off it went.

I began to wonder how was I to get back through the magic door, am I still dreaming! He showed me many weird plants that were able to move about, and some able to make a twittering sound.

"Don't get too near Joyce, they can be very snappy when they see my chair coming," The lions head on the back of the chair beganto roar. I jumped off and ran to the first door. I found it was the door I came in. I waved goodbye to the wizard and went through. Only to find myself back in bed. Well that was a weird dream, I'm glad I went through that door now.

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