A Summary Of Who I Really Am

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This is who I am in poem form....to the best of my ability.

Submitted: November 05, 2011

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Submitted: November 05, 2011



I had an open heart, until recently.

My friends are just as weird as me if not weirder. 

People who don't know me, look at me and walk away with weird thoughts.

No matter what you think, I don't give a flying fu**.

I'm used to having a good friend beside me,

and in return, I'm there for that friend.

My moods change often, but I can control them.

What people fail to realize, is that when I'm pissed, you need to get outta my way.

I have a great number of friends, and I care about them all, even the ones I barely know.

Something has happened to me to make me realize that not every one is who they say they are.

I was broken hearted from a break up and then some one stepped in, and crookedly mended my heart.

He then proceeded to break it again and I didn't know until a while ago.

So now, a wall is around my heart and no one has access to it but me.

Due to he say she say, I almost lost my best friend and I cried for quite some time.

But Hammy and I have talked things over and we're friends again.

When you talk behind my back and I find out, I walk up to you and "If you talk behind my back, You're in a VERY good position to KISS MY ASS!"

I don't take shit from ANY one. You mess with me, and you royaly piss me off, Imma royally fu** you up. 

Being different isn't a bad thing especially when you're like me.

Music is like a drug to me, I love and depend on it, but my mom is like the a cop. Always saying that it's too loud. 

Don't joke on me because my music is different and I don't like yours. 

I'm not going to do anything to hurt you, unless you hurt me, my family, or my close friends. 

It' doesn't matter who you are, you are you and that's okay. 

Don't be ashamed to be different!

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