Atempt At Wording My Feelings #1

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I love you Garrett.

Submitted: February 13, 2012

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Submitted: February 13, 2012



The pain that grows inside when you're away,

is too great to even have a name.

Every second we're apart,

I anticipate the next time I can see you.

Every moment I'm away from you,

is a moment wasted.

I know that if she were still alive,

she'd had loved to meert you,

because you're so amazing.

I love her with my heart,

and only hope that you,

she would approve of.

Each hour I'm thinking of you,

makes the longing worse.

When I think of the time,

that we've spent together so far,

I miss you even more.

Nothing hurts worse than knowing,

that I have to wait to see you.

All I've ever wanted,

was to be able to hold someone forever.

I have that now....with you.

May not be physical, but it's good enough.

Doesn't matter where we are,

as l ong as you're with me,

I'll be happier than ever.

I can't take the pain,

that comes with the yearning for your touch.

My love for you will only grow,

and my need for you is imense,

but approval from her is most what I need.

Sometimes, I think of what my future holds,

and if you're going to be there.

I can only hope and pray that you will be.

A life that I live without you,

isn't a life at all.

I know that you are the one,

that I want to spend my "foreve..." with.

Nobody else could possibly make me feel.

the way you do ;) .

When I make a mistake,

you accept it and we move on.

But with the previous one,

he'd call me out on it,

and make sure to remind me about it,

every chance he got to make me feel bad.

I can't tell you how much you mean to me.

Believe me, I've tried.

Remember the last time we were together?

And I started crying and told you it was a dream I had?

Well, that dream was that you went for someone better than me....

Because I know there are those better than me out there.

It hurts to think about that dream and I can't take it.

And when you cried,

it hurt my heart and I broke even further,

knowing those tears were my fault.

I love you for who you less....maybe more ;)

No matter what anybody says,

you have a fragile heart in your hands

All I ask is that if you DO (damn impopssible) break it,

is that you chusion it somehow.

Please, understand, I'm looking ALL possibilities,

even if those aren't AT ALL in my mind most of the time.

All that's on my mind,

is how I'm going to breathe next time I see you :D

¡Te amo con todo mi corazón!

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