Consuming Darkness-Veronica Johnson

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how I feel when I'm bored.

Submitted: August 14, 2012

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Submitted: August 14, 2012



Sitting on my couch,

nothing but a slouch.

Been doing nothing all day,

want the pain to go away.

Feel like a no one,

hate feeling the sun.

Wish that I could see him,

on my very on whim.

Laying in my bed,

with nothing to be said.

Feeling like a nothing,

hoping I'm just being.

Nothing can help me,

to again be able to see,

what truly lies ahead,

of the foot of my bed.

Just want to be held by him,

and not feel my lights go dim.

Want to feel his sweet kiss,

and be lost in the bliss,

but I'm stuck here,

shrouded in fear.

Nothing can save me,

except for maybe he.

I want to see his bright and happy eyes,

and not feel at my demise.

I try my hardest not to sit and cry,

knowing he would wonder why,

I'm not showing the smile,

that could go for a mile.

He'd be upset with me,

that I'm not happy.

All I want is him,

and to escape the consuming darkness again,

but this time.....forever.



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