Don't Let Us End

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I know I love him and this proves it!

Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012



I love being with you,

love being yours,

love that you have my heart.

May have only happened once,

but I love it,

when you kiss me.

I would do anything,

to keep you by me.

You are an amazing person.

I feel like,

the luckiest girl,

on this planet,

because I've got you.

When you told me,

that you loved me,

tears formed in my eyes.

I was so happy,

that someone actually cared enough,

to take the time,

and say that.

Your eyes, your hair, and your lips,

beautifuly physical.

Personality, humor, and love,

something hard to find.

There's something about you,

and I can't figure it out,

that's got me,

thinking of you,

all the time.

When we're apart,

I miss you all the time.

When you hug me,

I don't want you to let go.

When you kiss me,

I don't want you to stop.

I just want you to know,


I LOVE YOU!!!!! :D <3


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