Drafting: Narrative Essay

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This is for my English 11 class. Teacher, Bylsma.

Submitted: October 10, 2012

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Submitted: October 10, 2012



Ever wonder if having long hair is a good thing? For me, it saved my life. I may have had a really bad head-ache afterwards, but I still hugged my mother tightly after we yelled at each other.

I don't remember whose house we were at when it happened, but I remember it being big and saying, "I want a house like this one, mommy", when I saw it for the first time. There was a pool in the backyard with stepping stones leading to the steps that were in the shallow end. That back yard was fenced in, keeping the neighbors away. On the fence was a white sign with, "OOL. Notice there's no 'P' in our pool. Let's keep it that way", written on it in blue letters. I had my "Little Mermaid" bathing suit and water wings on. My hair was in a pony tail.

"Go in the shallow end first", my mom had said. I didn't listen. I ran to the deep end, jumped in, and tried to swim. My arms and legs were flailing, but I only sank deeper and deeper. My eyes were squeezed shut. I remember the fear that kept me from giving up. I felt a tug on my pony tail and I was above the water then on the grass beside the pool. My mom had pulled me out of the water by my pony-tail.

"Mommy, that hurt!", I yelled, crying.

"You want to go back in?" she'd said.

I guess that at that moment, I looked genuinely scared cause she said,
"I thought so".

I didn't get back in the pool for the rest of the day. All I really did was sit on a lawn chair and be afraid of the water.

When I look back on it, I laugh myself stupid and think, "Wow. How did that look to the other people there?", and , "Mom mut have been really strong to lift me out of the pool by just my hair,".

My mom saved my life that day. I may laugh about it, but I could have been seriously hurt. From the on, I NEVER jumped in the deep end of a pool...until I learned to swim. My mom....she's awesome. I let her know that every day.

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