Fire featuring Water with Happy For You

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Fire and water with a poem to my friend and fellow Bookise user, ButILikeTheCookie96.

Submitted: September 23, 2011

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Submitted: September 23, 2011




It keeps you warm when the outside world is iced over.

And if you are not afraid of it, it can make a relationships stronger.

Fire is not your enemy unless you anger it.

It should not be feared, or toyed with, for one little mistake can take your life.

When feared or toyed with, it becomes a dealy weapon.

Fire can burn whole forests down, taking many animal lives.

Not only that, but if toyed with to a certain extent, it can end the world.




Relaxing, calming, helpful, healing.

This is water.

Because you have water inside you,

no one can take it away while you breathe.

Water can be both loving and cruel.

Plants, animals, and humans all need it to survive.

Floods, tsunamis, water-spouts.

All are cause by water being angered.

Water is vital to your survival.

Don't screw around with it.




My nearest and dearest friend,

you are learning about important things.

One of those things being,

you don't need a boyfriend(no matter how bad you want one) to lean on.

True, you've had your heart broken,

and you cried from the pain,

but you've moved on.

All you really need,

is a good friend you can trust,

and you'll be okay.

I will say one more thing,

and that will end this poem;

I'm extremely happy for you.

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