Friends Can Kill

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My friends fight amongst each other and I get chest pains.

Submitted: June 04, 2011

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Submitted: June 04, 2011



Sometimes, life has a funny way of saying,

"Don't give up. Keep moving"

When those times come,

all you can do is sit back and watch.

There is one type of life syaing that.

I've been through this type a few times and it hurts.

When two or more of your friends fight amongst each other,

it kills a little tiny bit of you inside.

I ask them over and over again,

yet they keep fighting.

They don't realize what it does to me.

They don't care that I've been hurt inside so many times,

I'm growing used to the pain.

All I can say is,

Why can't we all stop fighting

and realize that we need each other as friends?

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