I Saw You Again

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I saw Nanny. She died two years ago.

Submitted: October 01, 2011

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Submitted: October 01, 2011



It's not normal for me,

to see someone,

after they've died.

But Nanny is an exception.

I was tired,

laying in my bed,

ready to go to sleep.

The blankets were layed out,

in just the right position.

I closed my eyes,

only for two minutes.

When I opened my eyes back up,

I saw her standing beside my bed.

When she was with us,

I used to avoid her.

But now she's gone,

and she'll never know,

how sorry I am,

or just how much I love her.

I tried to say I was sorry.

But before the words formed,

she simply waved,

and vaporized into the air.

I miss her som much,

and now she's gone.

She'll never know how much I love her,

or how sorry I am,

that I never took the time,

to get to know her,

as a person herself.

She'll never know,

just how much,

of an impact,

she really made,

on my life.

Mary Cathrine Taylor

Sunrise-February 14th, 1922

Sunset-April 20, 2009

You are missed and loved.

Rest In Peace.

Gone but not forgotten.

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