It Was Fine...Until I Got Home

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This is kind o a re-cap on everything that's happened to me today. It is now 10:21 Eastern Time and I'll start from the beginning.

Submitted: June 07, 2011

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Submitted: June 07, 2011



I hadn't got much sleep the night before. I usually stay up late and wake up after hitting the snooze on my alarm twelve times. Not today. Somehow, I knew today was going to be diferent.

The first time my alarm went off, I hit the snooze and sat up. Six AM. The time my alarm is always set but RARELY the time I wake up on a school day.

I rub the crud outta my eyes and take the cirle and squer designed quilt off. Nobody's up. Nobody ever is...most of the time. Kenny (my mom's boyfriend) is sometimes up when I am.

My sister is snoring soundly on the bed across from mine. She's in middle school so she doesn't wake up until later. As in, right before I leave.

The waffles are in the freezer, calling my name.

I walk sleepily to the freezer, pull two waffles out of the wrapping, pop 'em in the toaster, and then stumble to the bathroom, almost falling on my way.

When finished using the bathroom, I go check on the waffles. Not quite done yet. Igo to my room and dig around in and around my clothes basket for a clean pair of jeans. I find the ones Ibought just three days before. They're my last pair of clean jeans Ihave. So, I slipp off my Tweety Bird fleec night pants and slip on the cold jeans. I then sopt my Sean Jean shirt (one that has a picture of a hand on the crotch when you wear it right) on my bed. I switch out of my night shirt and then put some freshly washed socks on. Ihear the toaster make a little pop! sound. I run/jog quickly to the kitchen, lay out a paper towel, spread some peanut butter on one of them, and stick them together.

I see the time. 6 40. Bus comes in five minutes. I put the waffel sandwhic down, ran to my room, packed my stuff, threw my shoes on, grbbed my key, picked up the sandwhich, and left.

The bus pulls up just as I get to the bus stop. Early bus. That's one sign the day is weird.

Iget on the bus and sit in my usual seat, second behind the bus driver. We go pick up the other kids and soon, the driver drops us off at my second home.

Usually, I'll go to the cafeteria to hang with Emily and them but not today. Another sign. I go hang with Michael. Ihug him (another sign). But Iknow that he deserves it...somehow.

I go to breakfast, socialize and eat, then go to first block with Will.

Me, Will, and Brandon(Brandon I've known since last year. We were in the same orchestra class. He was in seventh grade. But he's older than me so he got skipped a grade ahead. His parents thought he needed the xtra education so they made the teachers hold him back).

After ROTC role call, we go out to the soft ball feild.

Me and Will grab a glove and then go to outfeild.

I can't remember the EXACT conversation we had, but IDO remember that we were inturupted by "a giant, aline bug" that Will said tried to impregnate him. It flew around his head twice and then landed in the top of his head. For some strange reason, I decide to squat down my the wet grass. Something the bites me on the ass and Ijump up, ictching my butt and trying to use the fence for a butt scratcher in the process.

The class ends, we put the gloves up and then go to second block. My second block is Algebra,in which, Inever pay attention. Today, however, Itake notes. Another sign.

That class flies by. Third block History is next. Iwalk in the class room and the desks are moved up WAY higher than usual. Another sign.

Igo to linch. Alan (my boyfriend) walk is and puts his stuff in the chair beside me. Iask him for a hug, he says no. Another sign.

Lunch goes by. We go back to History. We watch a movie. Yet another sign.

Third block ends and I go to English with Geoffrey and Cody (Alan's friends but mine to...kinda). I don't socialize with them and Iget my work done on time. Another sign.

Fourth block ends and Igo to bus ramp. Me and Alan talk then he hugs me and says he has to go. He didn't kiss me like he usually does.

I go home and mom's ther. It's Monday, so she's off work today.

She tells me to get the dirty clothes together and go with Kenny to do the clothes. I do.

We get the the L.M. (luandry mat) and start the wash.

Nothing happens until the clothes are in the dryers. Kenny then leaves me at the laundry mat BYMYSELF WITH THE MONEY to fold the clothes. He doesn't come back until I'm almost done folding the clothes.

We go home. Brian (My uncle) is there. He made beef stew and brought it over for the whole family.

We unload the clean clothes and then eat.

Our friends, Hope and Roseanna, come over.

Taylor (my sister) steps outside to talk to them. She's out there for ten minutes before she comes back in...crying. Irun to my room, grab my knife (Alan gave it to me. (he wants me to protect myself) a while ago), and run to catch up with Roseanna.

I ask her what's wrong and she tells me "My mom is kicking my sister out of the apartment tomorrow and when she does, me and my mom are moving."

Her mom calls for her and she runs inside.

I walk home, stomping my bare feet on the choppy asphault. Iwalk in the door and then get on the computer to vent.

This is the result of me venting. Hope you enjoy the one day of my life.

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