Living Hollow

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Another depressing poem.

Submitted: November 11, 2012

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Submitted: November 11, 2012



I have never felt this way before,

my mind, heart, soul and body so sore,

I just can't take it anymore.


Why must they hurt me so?

Bringing me to a new low,

beginning to live hollow.


I have no idea where to begin,

my heart contained in a small tin,

this battle/war, I'll never win.


Why do I hurt myself so?

Bringing them to a new low?

Understand, we're living hollow.


Run away from all the pain,

wonder if we can all stay sane,

will this effort be in vain?

Why do I hurt him so?

Wish to take the final blow,

forcing him to live hollow.

Shut the bathroom door,

watch the blood hit the floor,

no pain for me anymore.


Why did I hurt them so?

Humanity ceased to grow.

Now they're all living hollow.

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