Meeting For The First Time

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This is all based on a dream.

Submitted: December 09, 2011

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Submitted: December 09, 2011



~*~*~*~*~*THIS IS A DREAM!!*~*~*~*~*~

I'm in a plane, in first class, by myself, eating a warm and gooey chocolate chip cookie. I have no idea how I got on the plane (let alone afford a first class ticket) or how I got the cookie but that doesn't matter to me at the moment. I take slow bites until it's gone, savoring it until the last swallow. I look around at the empty cabin, hoping to see someone to talk to. I hate being by myself due to abandonment issues caused by my step father. No one's there and that puts a sadness in my heart that weighs a hundred pounds.

"This is your captain speaking. We'll be landing in the Safdarjung Airport in New Dehli in one hour. Please enjoy the rest of your flight."

Now, I remembered why I was here; to meet him. I was eighteen now, the age I told him I'd risk a new life for him just to see him. I met him three years ago, when I was fifteen in a chat room. We exchanged e-mails and have been in contact ever since. He said he'd wish I could come see him and I told him I would as soon as I got the money to buy a one way ticket to New Dehli.

The only time I've seen him, was in a photo that he sent to me via e-mail. I've been dreaming about this day for a while now, hoping that we could stay friends when he sees how much of a geeky klutz I am. I wear glasses and always havea book about genetics with me. I have my own sense of style which (always) consists of baggy, black, cargo pants, a tight black T-Shirt, and (of course) black tennis shoes. I'm not Gothic, I just like the color black. And, for the record, my hair is blond. I wanted it black, but, I can't afford the hair dye.

The plane touches down in the airport. I pay no attention to the details of the foreign area surrounding me. I am WAY more focused on finding him. He said he'd beholding up a sign with my name on it so I'd know it was him. I don't even worry about getting my luggage, I run off the plane and burst into the crowded airport, instantly hoping that I can find him quickly so we can snuggle up in a warm room.

I look around frantically; wishing he'd just....appear and we could leave. And then as if I had summoned him, there he is, across the airport with my name on it, "Ventrillia".A smile spread across my face, showing the joy I feel deep inside my heart.

I run up to him, he drops the sign, I jump up onto him, and wrap my arms around him. I feel his arms wrap around my waist and he squeezes me, not in the bad way like the kind of, "I'm so glad you're here and now I'm not gonna let you go" kinda way. He's warm and smells like pine and.......clean's great.

"My Ventrillia, finally in my arms." he whispers to me, his chest rumbling with the deepness of his voice.

"And I'm not leaving." I say back, hugging him tighter.

"Good. I don't think I'd be able to live if you left me here."

I look up at him and smile. He smiles back a warm, gentle, loving smile that sends chills down my spine.

We stand there, in the middle of the crowded airport holding each other, for a long time.

He finally looks down to me and says,

"I love you, Ventrillia" then he kisses me.

And that's when I wake up, shivering and feeling empty.

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