My Grandfather-V. Johnson

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I feel like this needed to be done.

Submitted: December 06, 2013

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Submitted: December 06, 2013



A few days ago, 

I found it was so.

My grandfather was to have

open heart surgery today.

When he went in,

I prayed for him to win,

the fight for his life.

I spent the day,

with nothing to say.

Throughout school,

never saying a word.

When I arrive home, 

I get a message from mom.

She says, "Take a shower and

get your uncle to bring you

up to Maryview. I'll meet you 

downstairs." I showered, my sister

showered as well. 

Our uncle took us here,

and we waited for a couple of hours.

The doctor woke him up,

when me and mom,

went out to get food.

We got back, we ate and we saw him.

He was intubated and covered up to his neck in blankets.

He told my mom,

that she helped and touched the people in her life,

that she shouldn't feel like the black sheep,

that she was his PERSONAL Nelson Mandela. 

She kissed his cheek, and asked me to.

So I did. He looked me in the eyes,

and said, "You're special. Don't let anyone tell you any different.

You can go places in this world. Cause I know,

you have a big heart like me."

I broke down and I still am crying.

Donald Taylor, you are my grandfather,

I love you and I am OVERJOYED 

that you are okay and will be from now on. 

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