My Music Is My Life

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This happened in one of my night terrors. I had to write about it because it was clawing at my brain, trying to get out. So, here it is.

Submitted: February 19, 2011

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Submitted: February 19, 2011



If any of you guys know my real name, you know how I am. You know that I love my music. You know that my music is my mood control. You would know that if some one were to take away my music, I would go insane.

Friday, I was walking home because I stayed back for my club and had no ride home. I had walked into the neighrborhood and was almost at my house when one guy walked from behind a tree and started following me. I ignored him, hoping he would go away. I walked on, listening to the sound of his foot steps behind me. I was half-way home when the sound of the foot steps mulitplied from one walker to

I stopped, wondering what to do. They swarmmed around me, enclosing me in a human circle. I wasn't scared. I did what any person like me would have done, I took my iPod out, unrolled the headphones, turned it on and put in the ear buds.

The one directly in front of me tried to get me first. He lunged at me, a knife in his hand. Ha! What they didn't know was that I kept a knife strapped to my calf when I'm walking home from school. He tried to plunge the knife into my stomach but I kicked it out of his hand and stabbed him in his crotch as the song "Zwitter" by Rammstein came on. I laughed my crazy laugh. The sound rang hollow in my head. It sounded as if an insane person's spirit took over my body and was enjoying it. I didn't mind. I had my music and was kicking ass.

Three of them grabbed me then. One on each of my arms and one wrapped his arms around both of my legs. The last one was hooded and stood in front of me. He laughed like I had and pulled back his hood. I knew him. It was Daniel. My ex-boyfriend.

He snatched the knife out of my hand and very lightly touched the tip of it to my forehead. I was scared then. The fear was coursing through my body so fast, it hurt. I couldn't breathe. I knew what he was going to do. He was going to steal my iPod and then kill me. I knew he was going to by the look on his face.

I felt tears roll down my cheeks and fellt stupid. I felt like you do when you forget to do your homework in second grade then you get put in time out. I felt exactly like that.

"I told you you would regret breaking up with me." He said, twirling the knife on the bare skin of my forehead.

"I don't." I said, my voice shaking.

"Even now?" He pressed the knife harder against my skin, still twirling it.

"Even now," I started, felling the guy's grip on my legs loosen. "I wish you were dead." I spit in his face and kicked my right leg free by kickinh backwards into the guys face. Only the other three now. First to go, guy on my right arm.

He was standing kind of to my side so I brought my leg up and drove it into his knee cap, feeling it break as my foot came in contact with it. He let go and fell to the ground. HA!  A free hand. I looked at the other guy and punched him square in  the forhead then brought my knee up so it would hit him in the nose when he looked at the ground. He let go an feel to his kees, bleeding heavily from his nose.

Only Danile left now. I loeked at him through slit eyes. THe day I told him I no longer wanted to be smothered by him, he slapped me. He slapped me and I didn't do anything, hoping we would run into each other in public so I could kick his ass then.

"You really are low." he said, spinning the knife in his plam.

"You just tried to kill me. How am I low? That's called self-defense."

I stood up even straighter, scanning my periphials for a make-shift weapon of some sort. I found one. I metal bar stick up from the ground not two feet away. I didn't look at it, knowing he would follow my line of vision.

He lunged at me and I dove to the side, pulled the bar out of the ground, and stood up all in the second he lunged at me.

"You won't." he said.

"Try me." I said through clenched teeth.

"Fair enough." He said, walking away.

I knew he would turn around and try to attack me so I didn't release the bar.

He walked four steps more then stopped.


"I did care. I did love you. I did protect you from any harm...except yourself." he said, turning around.

"What do you mean?" I said, tightening my grip on the bar.

"This." He waved his arms above his head. "All this is just a dream...." His voice faded with everything around him.

That's when I woke up, breathing hard and sweating.

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