My Short Epic

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This is the last poem that I will ever write.

Submitted: September 07, 2012

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Submitted: September 07, 2012



Can't stand to be here,

need to get away,

to simply be me.

Wish I couldn't hear,

the slicing words that fray,

who I want to be.

They hold me to the ground,

thinking I'll not go,

hoping I'll always stay.

Here, there is no sound,

only of a constant flow,

but soon I'll be away.

She can't keep doing this,

putting me down for her own good,

is that how a family operates?

Not even a simple kiss,

can do as it should,

and clean all our slates.

He has been there,

veven when I hated,

and even when I was low.

She doesn't even care,

how lobg I've waited,

to leave and

I can't even describe,

the pain on the inside,

when she looks in my eyes.

Doctors can't perscribe,

a pill that will hide,

my sorrowful and silent cries.

All I want is for it to end,

and be able to again sleep,

without giving a fuck.

Backwards I will not bend,

or lie awake at night and weep,

and wait to be hit by a truck.

I can not take the abuse,

that she dishes out every day.,

without a single regret.

I will simply refuse,

to hear what she has to say,

and laugh as her face becomes wet.

Will I ever be free of this prison?

She keeps me hostage here,

hoping I'll always be hers.

When will I ever see the sun?

Why do I sit in fear,

and take her abusive words?

I need to be rid of them,

so my life i can lead,

without them judging me.

My life is falling apart at the hem,

warnings from me they didn't heed,

I just need them to let me be.

Wishing I can be free,

hoping I'll sprout wings,

and fly far, far away.

I no longer wish to see,

but just hear the bird as it sings,

and wish I could repair any fray.

Seeing and telling...

are very un-alike,

and can easily be told apart.

The tears cobstantly welling,

life is nothing like,

breaking your own heart.

Everyone wants to be free,

hoping to cut the chains,

to escape the hell.

We can never really see,

the actual silent pains,

that make us a hollow shell.

Nobody can hold us captive,

as they succeed and you fail,

and you die inside.

We all must simply live,

and never fear to prevail,

as our eyes open wide.

never let them keep you down,

grow as a better person,

and show them you are you.

Don't ever let yourself drown,

and keep your eyes with the sun,

and do what you need to do.

Nobody can tell you, "no",

You do whatever you want,

and keep them behind you.

I do as i need to do so,

and I'll never be blunt,

and make the hate rue.

Realizing I can be free,

as only my mind wil let,

Iam becoming whole.

I may no clearly see,

but my eyes are wt,

as I crwal from my hole.

I realize I was wrong,

that she does care,

and I'm to child-minded.

Always hearing the bird song,

I need to be aware,

she has not been blinded.

he has believed me,

even when I lied to him,

he's still standing by my side.

I should let them be,

to choose on their own whim,

and not feel the hurt inside,

I love him with all my heart,

and want to see him smile,

even if it costs me my soul.

Nothing will keep us apart,

if many or just one mile,

his heart, I will always hold.

I am only a kid today,

but tomorrow, maybe more,

and become a better person.

I will never go away,

even if my heart is sore,

and I'm not the only one.

My soul cries for help,

and I feel more alone,

than I ever have in my life.

Realize that I am no whelp,

as the pain-filled moan,

escapes my body of strife.

No one can help my fragile mind,

help has long been forgotten,

leaveing my labeled as abandoned.

There are many of my kind,

with minds as rotten,

and have been shunned.

He has helped me for a while,

even when I betrayed his trust,

and broke his heart.

I can't even smile,

knowing me dead is a must,

and we're apart.

I can finnaly see the sun,

knowing I will be accomplished,

and have th old me back.

I see I'm not the only one,

who has very much missed,

the me who wasn't in a sack.

Please, God, stay,

help me through this,

give me the correct sight.

Help me all the way,

and make me not miss,

and hope I am right.

I will never give in,

pushing forward always,

keeping my head up high.

I know I will win,

and thank you for your praise,

as I give a relieved sigh.


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