Nothingness-Veronica Johnson

Status: Finished

Nothingness-Veronica Johnson

Status: Finished

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Nothingness-Veronica Johnson Nothingness-Veronica Johnson

Poem by: magicfoot2011


Genre: Other



One of my more depressing works.


One of my more depressing works.


Submitted: September 21, 2011

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Submitted: September 21, 2011



What do you do when you're falling?

You can't really do much, can you?

Some people say that you can turn to the stars,

for advice when you're down.

That's not always true for me.

I have no one to turn to,

no one to trust anymore.

I fall constantly in an abyss.

I've already started the fall,

no one can save me now.

As I fall into the nothingness,

I scream your name again and again,

but you don't even know,

that I'm calling,

for you to save me.

I scream as I fall down into darkness.

You walk away as I fall to my death.

The nothingness swallows me,

and you don't even notice.

Life has its doubts.

I never stopped to think,

that you'd be one of them.

You don't even care,

that I'm being swallowed into the dark.

I try to scream for you,

to turn around and see me,

falling into nithing,

but you just keep walking,

not even caring that I'm dying without you.

So, I'll remember that,

when I escape,

and YOU'RE the one,

falling into nothingness.

© Copyright 2016 magicfoot2011. All rights reserved.

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