Magic from the heart :) Part 2

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Continuation of Magic from the heart:) Part 1,here u will get to know,the problems faced by the guy and how he dealt with it :)

Submitted: October 13, 2011

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Submitted: October 13, 2011




There were times when I wanted to move on with someone else but whats the use of a relationship if u don’t love that person.As someone once told me, “don’t hurt a girls feeling just to make someone else happy”. Thus, I dint want to hurt anyone else as I knew by now, how it feels to get hurt.


There were even times when my joyful mood use to turn into sudden depression.Trust me,those werent a great feeling but happy that I had great friends who I could share things easily with and they used to be my support all the time.


There were even times when I was suppose to visit the country she was living in and for some weird reasons the trip used to get canceled.As a result,it badly used to break me apart from inside but just couldn’t show it.


 There was one good thing that I learned from all this was “tolerance”.It made me so strong that I stopped missing people and it was like my heart lost all its taste.As they say,everything has its good side and I could find the positive side out of it and it did help me a lot in many ways.


There was one funny incident that still makes me laugh through out all this years.I once took my admission in one of the schools in the country she was living in but the funny thing was ,I couldn’t find a reason to tell my dad for going there as I had better schools in nearby countries and the school I was studing in was one of the best in my country too.


It still amazes me thinking,how the years past so fast.It feels as if it was yesterday and how things rapidly change with time.In addition,how some simple things can make a huge mark in our lives and we get to learn new things along with it.I guess that’s the meaning of the word “life”.


Till now everything is just going good and I am being optimistic about every single thing that is coming on my path.Wishing that things will become better as the time passes.As they say,patience is the solution to a lot of problems.I even know my friend really well.I have that much faith in her that she will fix everything as they were in the past and this story will have a happy ending like any other fairy tale story.

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