Magic from the heart :)Part 3

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continuation of part 2 :)

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011




People say look alike exist in this world but I never believed  it.It is even said that an individual person has seven look alike which exist but this theory was never taken seriously by my mind until I met a look alike of the friend that I fell in love with.Trust me ,you wouldn’t want to meet a look alike of the girl who you fell in love with and who you didnot get to meet for years.The feeling is extremely weird.


We get to go to a lot of places from our school, both inside and outside the country for conferences and many other events. So I once got the chance to go to a conference from my school to an international country. It was really exciting and whole new experience as few of my friends went along with me too. This is where I got to experience the weird feeling of meeting a look alike of the girl I fell in love with.


As far as I remember,it was on the second day of the conference. I was meeting a lot of new people from different countries as we arrived late on the first day and couldn’t meet that many people. Then suddenly a girl came out of the cafeteria in that place and passed by my side.For one moment , I was shocked and completely dumbstruck as she looked completely like her and I couldn’t believe my eyes for that moment. I was telling my mind, it was just my illusion and its not possible that she being here. I even had thoughts like “am I still thinking abt her” as I made my mind that  things aren’t possible.


However,she came to me after sometime and did introduce herself to me as all of us were doing the same. Trust me,she did look like her but I still kept it inside me as I thought I am still dreaming about the girl I fell in love with. As they say,looks can be decieving and I did not want to make fool out of myself infront of my friends as I thought my friends dint see what I was seeing. But most shockingly they also noticed what I saw. One of my friends came upto me later that day and said “Doesn’t she look like her?” That moment was even more weird than i thought.It was like the thing that I was stating the mirror of illusion,just got shattered.Finally, I got to believe that my eyes were seeing the correct thing.


I used to ask that girl a lot of questions just to make sure she had no relation to my friend. I used to feel extremelely weird when she used to appear infront of me out of nowhere as I didn’t want my past to flashback in my present and that also in such a weird way. I guess, it was  because I was meeting a completely different individual with almost the same face . Thus, I guess it was  a test of being a “human being” and you have to be prepared for every single challenge that comes on your path.


I fell for my friend because she is extremely pretty and was a good human being herself  . I am sure there are many other people who felt the same about her . Those I can assure are much better individual than what I am.So she has the right to chose the best one .People say, get over her and forget her. Trust me ,those two things arent the same. You can never forget someone who you fell in love with .However, if u do then you never fell in love with that person.But the best you can do ,is just accept the truth and move on like what I did.


But the great one, looking from above, knows that I was always honest with what I did and just did to make her happy, with no other intentions in mind……..


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