Witches of the Night

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Just wanted to write this out for HALLOWEEN!!!... was fun making it:)
Blessed be, Happy Halloween!

Submitted: October 27, 2012

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Submitted: October 27, 2012



"We should start the casting of the circle!" Tandy excitedly called from the bathroom, as she put on cherry red lip gloss.

"I agree, it is almost midnight, and the full moon is out there big and round like your boyfriends-"

"HEY!" Lina yelled out, cutting off Kris. "No more jokes Kris, and Tandy you're right, lets get started. Where's Bridget? She has the materials for the spell," Lina said.

"You-hoo, ladies!" I called from the rap around staircase. "I think we're missing something... Halloween costumes, duh!" I hollerd pulling four stacks of costumes from behind my back.

There faces lighted up and they all squealed, running torwards me. We sat in a circle and I put the costumes in the middle. "Ok, I have a Tinkerbell, Cat Women, Alice in Wonderland, and a Minnie Mouse , all with a side of sexy!" I remarked.

"I call Tinkerbell!" Tandy shouted grabbing the sexy version of the fairy from the pile.

"I call Cat Women!" Kris exclaimed. "It has the most cleavage," she said perkily, all of us rolling our eyes.

"I get Minnie Mouse!" Lina hollerd getting the costume.

"Alice, it is for me!" I said happily unrapping the costume.

We all stood up and took our tops off and bottoms. Once we were all in our costumes, slutty but sexy, we ran upstairs to my bathroom to get makeup done. "Thankgod your parents our out for the week, they would kill us if they saw us like this!" Tandy said opening my makeup box.

"I know right! Ok, lets see... glitter, eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick and some blush, am I right ladies?" I questioned.

"YES!" they all exclaimed.

We finished our makeup and ran back downstairs. I went into a cupboard and grabbed a big box of our casting materials. I set up the white candles around in a circle, set the sparkly pentacle in the center of the circle, along with the representations for the god and goddess. Then continued the ritual by walking south and setting a lighter in front of Kris.

"Kris, hot as fire, as loud as flame," I said with a smile. Then walked east and placed a feather infront of Lina and said, "Lina, gentle as air, and swift as a falling feather." Then I walked west, and placed a goblet of water infront of Tandy and said, "Tandy, powerful like water, as fast as a wave." Then I walked north and placed a rose infront of me. "Bridget, as active as the earth, as different as the seasons," Kris said for me.

We all joined hands and concentrated on our items. Soon all of us were concentrated so much the items lifted in the air. "We are gathered here today, oh god and goddess, to ask of you one thing.... make that two. First we ask of you to make next year an amazing year as this year was, thank you. Second we ask of you to bring our four hot boyriends here, tonight, even though they said they cannot. Blessed beheart.

We all sat there for a little more, concentrating and putting lots of thought into the wishes that we asked of. Soon we dropped hands and cleaned everything up. Then we went into the kitchen and decided to make candycorn rice crispy treats. Tandy mixed the batter, while Kris danced around the room to the music playing from the boombox, making us laugh. Lina got the candycorn and poored a bunch into the crispy mix, all of us stealing a couple and plopping them in our mouths. I poored the mix into the pan and put it in the oven.

While we waited we jammed out to the music, on the counters, on the table and sliding on the floors in our socks. Thirty minutes later the timer went off and we got the crispies out. "YUM!" Lina hollerd out, making us jump, when we all took big bites. We all cracked up, and kept waiting.

About ten minutes later, the doorbell rang.... and we already knew who it was.

I opened up the door and grabbed my boyfriend, Alex, and vicously threw him against the wall, our lips crashing together. I heard Kris taking Chad upstairs to the guest bedroom, and I knew that Lina and Alex were popping in a movie and snuggling on the sofa. Tandy and James were probably in the kitchen making a cake, having food all over each other in a big cute mess. Me and Alex.... well we're just gonna spend our time in each others presence, everyone loving every moment of our amazing Halloween dates.

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