Death by Madness

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A young girl grew up in a terrible home. One night her father came home drunk, as usual, and decided he wanted his daughter dead.

Submitted: October 09, 2012

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Submitted: October 09, 2012




I had never been as scared as I was that moment. I didn’t know I would get out into a family like this, a family who would beat me, scream at me. If I messed up even once I’d get whipped, or even worse… I had never thought that just by the small thing I had done would get me into as much trouble as I already was.

I was hiding in the closet with a small shiv; my father was severely drunk, calling my name from the bottom of the stairs.

“Miranda, get down here before your poor father has to come looking for you!” My father yelled from downstairs.

I held my breath as I heard the stairs pound with his heavy footsteps. He began to sing a song, it was terrifying. “I shall gut you and cut you and beat you tonight! My knife shall go into you sweet little skull, your screams shall be my lullaby. As if my madness comes out when I drink a little more than I should, but oh sweet little child, I shall torture you tonight yes I should yes I should!”

My eyes became wide. I needed to escape, but it was too late, he had already made his way up the stairs and was making his way into my room. Locking the door, he licked the knife he was holding in his hand. His face was of that of someone you could only see in a horror movie. But instead of a movie for the screams, this was real. Real terror, real madness, and real fear.

Slowly he came to my closet. I knew this was it, getting ready to fight back with my small little shiv. He stumbled with every move, as if he were a helpless baby.

He grabbed the closets handle and began to slide it open. Tears streaming down my face as I looked at the man who abused me my whole life.

A sharp pain hit my throat, my whole life flashed before my eyes as I fell to the floor, gagging. I watched him choke me with one hand and hold the knife to my face with the others. He was going to kill me this time, not just leave me unconscious. But I was not scared of death, I actually welcomed it. To finally get out of a life of pain and suffering, a life to see my father come home drunk and my mother with her stripper money.

A few more seconds went by and finally I knew it, I was about to die. My father laughed with madness as finally I went limp. Minutes went by, his hands tightly around my neck.

“Get up Miranda! Get up!” He punched my lifeless body, yelling for me to wake up. But I wasn’t going to get up, I was dead and I was happy for it. Happy that now, I could finally have a good night sleep.

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