.The Open Door.

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Even when certain choices seem impossible to make, there is always the option to press on regardless of the opposition that may lay in front of us.

Submitted: October 18, 2010

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Submitted: October 18, 2010



Oh what an imperfect, tangled web we all weave
The only webs we can see are on our own sleeve
Unfortunately the double standard, the greatest hypocrisy
Is when we believe we each run our own democracy

The illusion is a deception, our mistake
Within the ceaseless lake, many will not wake
The best reflections have no descriptive lines
Just look up, discover the glorious signs

Everyone is running their own race
Whether first or last, just haste, give chase
Noone can understand the meaning of it all
All we can do is beckon at every call

Try to be free, I'll never be able
All have been marked by the artist's sable
Tinged with the color of vigor once more
We must choose to seek, find the open door

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