Taco Has the Zooms

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What gets into this elastic cat?

Does his between nap snooze wind him up?

Like a spring he will stretch to his decided breaking point

Then no one can touch him or catch him.


Zipping through the house across the couch and the mantle

His four paw drive clawing for traction on the laminate floor.

Around the corner doing a Tokyo drift 

Jeez Taco has the Zooms again!


Up and down, across and under 

Thump, bang, rattle, rumble and shatter

No antilock braking on this stupid cat

Trying to stop suddenly but keeps on sliding.


Then he waits for an opening to run outside

He doesn't belong outdoors in the world.

Too stupid and inexperienced to survive out there

The coyotes will eat him before sunup.


So the game begins, the wilderness zooms

Just inches away from catching him

And zip he's gone once again.

Then pauses for a quick random bath.


I stealthily approach thinking I've got him

He rolls around looking tired and cute

But just as I reach to snatch him

Taco has the Zooms again!


He's fast but he isn't that bright methinks

Possibly he is part frog or snipe.

I shine a light in his eyes, hypnotized–paralyzed

And he stays perfectly still allowing approach.


Aha I have him now and carry him to the house

His head hung low expecting a spanking

He appears remorseful and knows his wrong

Taco has no zooms now.


Taco is all zoomed out, tired and ready to rest

No gas left in his furry feline tank.

He closes his eyes and breathes a sigh

Sleeps until the zoom tank refills.

Submitted: April 16, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Magikchef88. All rights reserved.

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don bryant

The title alone grabbed my attention, as I'm more than familiar with "zoomies" or "the zooms"; dogs get them, too, and mine got them often, racing around the house, wrecking everything in sight. Working for years with rescue groups, I've seen my share of cat zoomies, and you've captured Taco's nervous energies puurrfectltly; even for non-pet owners who've never heard the term.
Trying to catch him is the hard part, until he caps out, and you grab him.The antilock breaking line was funny as hell. And your concern for his safety out in the wild will really connect with your readers. Trying to get traction on those floors is a sight to behold, for dogs too, especially turning corners on a dime, and I've videoed plenty of "zooms"for posterity.
So Taco's best move is a Tokyo Fade, huh? Guess he's a Fast and Furious fan. That makes two of us.
Nice work, and great description of the action, as always.

Sun, April 16th, 2023 5:18pm


Taco is a wonderful pain in my ass! I have written several poems and stories involving cats. I have seen the dogs with the zooms too! I enjoy weaving elements of humor into each work. I think there are analogies, metaphors, and hyperbole all round us for the taking. Shame to let them go to waste.

Sun, April 16th, 2023 2:25pm


Very fun poem indeed. Cats are something else, and you tell it perfectly. Great job.

Sun, April 16th, 2023 5:30pm


This is a fun piece. You do a great job of catching Taco's speed and erratic movements. Great comparison to the race car. It's funny you refer to the coyotes here as Taco sounds a bit like road runner and it's certainly a game of stealth and pursuit between the two of you. I love how nonchalant he appears to be before catching you off guard and zooming away. Taco sounds like quite the trickster but you won this round. Great work.

Mon, April 17th, 2023 9:26am

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