The Step-Sister

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They hate their new step-sister.

Submitted: December 06, 2011

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Submitted: December 06, 2011



SCENE:The curtains are drawn back. Kids are seated at tables and listening to their teacher ramble on about condensation. A girl in the back of the class, NIOBI, leans over the table she is sitting at and pats the boy in front of her, HAROLD. HAROLD slightly turns around to peer at NIOBI.

NIOBI.Will this ever end?

HAROLD.I know. I’m about to fall asleep. How long can this guy ramble on about nothing?

CHILD 1. You’re supposed to be taking notes. Like the teacher said before class started, you’ll be in big trouble with the test if you don’t take notes.

NIOBI.I don’t take notes on stuff I already know.

CHILD 1.Oh, no. Oh, no. We haven’t learned this yet.

HAROLD. My sister and I learned this last year at our old school.

CHILD 1.(She/he raises their hand) Mr. (Mrs.) Hamilton, the two new kids aren’t taking the notes that are required for the test. They say they know it but I bet they don’t.

NIOBI.Do you want a bet?

CHILD 1.Sure. I bet you don’t.

HAROLD.Oh really?

TEACHER.Stop, before this gets any further.

NIOBI.I could take the test right now and I would get complete 100 percent.

TEACHER.No one say a word! It’s their fault if they fail the test. Note taking is a talent not a skill.

CHILD 2. I bet they don’t know anything about taking notes. So, that’s why they’re lying to the faces.

CHILD 3. Hey! Well, I believe them. They could be smarter than you and you are just jealous because of it.

CHILD 4. I think you are right. You always want attention. Why should this be any different?

The CHILDREN all start talking at once. There are ad libbed shouts of “You can’t prove anything,” “They’re smart and you’re not” etc. TEACHER looks at the fight between the CHILDREN with disgust. He shouts with all his might. The sound should echo through the auditorium.


The CHILDREN silence and stare up at TEACHER.

TEACHER cont.The next person who says a word about this specific topic next will be in the detention room for the next few days. Now does anybody want to test this accusation?

CHILD 2. They lie.

TEACHER.Go to detention! Young man (lady)!


CHILD 2 exits L.

TEACHER. Not a single word, anyone of you or you’ll be spending the rest of class with your buddy in detention. (He continues to ramble on about condensation)

NIOBI. This year is going to be terrible!

HAROLD.I know. How will we last this long with people like this and teachers like that? I think were done for.

The boy next to HAROLD, FILLIPEH, joins the conversation.

FILLIPEH.I think we can make it through the year. It’s not as bad as being with our new step-sister, Annamay. She is one of the people I can’t stand. I stand a lot of people too.

HAROLD and NIOBI.I know.

HAROLD.You’re friends are really annoying too!

FILLEPEH. Don’t you mean my old friends? Never mind. I think this year is going to be absolutely terrible.

NIOBI. But the new girl to our family is worse than all of this.

HAROLD.I bet I can make a friend before all of you.

FELLEPEH.You’re on! How about you, Niobi? Are you in or out? Come on! It’s only a bit of harmless fun!

NIOBI. Well, you know.

HAROLD.You know what.

NIOBI. I have made many friends already! I’m considered popular here. Just like last year.

FELLIPEH.But how? This is our second day.

HAROLD.It’s probably because she has that girlish charm.

NIOBI.That and I invited everyone to a party Saturday night.

HAROLD.Mom and Joshua aren’t home on Saturday nights.

NIOBI.Exactly. Duh? I’m going to trash Joshua’s house, if he likes it or not. We don’t like him, so why should he like us?

FELLIPEH.I’m in on this party throwing thing. We have to trash this place like no one cares.

HAROLD.What are you talking about? I like Joshua. He is a cool guy.

FELLIPEH and NIOBI.We don’t think so. Who do you think you are?

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