Happy yellow rose....

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embrace yourself....

Submitted: February 11, 2010

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Submitted: February 11, 2010



The thing about over achievers in this part of the world is that no matter how pure your heart is, no matter how loyal or kind you are, if you do not come with an 1820 score card on SAT your worth is as good as the worth of a single stand of rose sitting alone in the corner on Valentines Day just because your yellow.

Your expected to be the red rose and the one with the biggest petals. If your the yellow one, despite how beautiful you may be no one will pay heed to you. The fact that your different is a liability not an asset. And as all designers have a muse or point of inspiration. Tonight my point of inspiration was my cousin/sister. She didn't stab me in the back twice and push me off the bridge. But she proved if your a yellow rose your of very little value in our culture.

I really appreciate the fact that she turned out red. But that isn't going to force me to turn red. She gave me a reason to look closely at flaws of our culture, one of them being the deep rooted preconceived notions of success.

If it took Newton an apple to wake up. It has taken me a rose. I'm awake , I'm aware and my mission is to tell people that there is nothing wrong with being a yellow rose. Because if your a happy yellow rose its far better than being a miserable red rose.


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Happy yellow rose....

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