Israel or Palestine?

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A poem about my feelings for Israel as a Palestinian Jew.

Submitted: November 22, 2011

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Submitted: November 22, 2011



The IDF as a Jew or Hamas as an Palestinian?

My mother is from Gaza, my father from Ramalah.

Call me a self hating Jew but I don't care, Isreal I hate you lets make that clear.

You occupy my land and kill my brothers, that's after you shoot those pregnant mothers.

The IDF defends the Jewish state, Hamas defends my Palestinian fate.

I want to return to my Jerusalem, while flying our red, white, green and black flag.


The Gaza is my body, the West Bank is my heart and now they been completly ripped apart.

My heart has stopped beating, my body cannot move.

I need to fight for my land so I can improve, fight for my state so Israeli killings are reduced.

War criminals go the the ICC, if your Israeli you get nothing but praise.

You British gave my Palestine away, But now at the UN vote you plan abstain.

I have nothing but love for my brothers in Gaza, where do I sign up to become a martyr?

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Israel or Palestine?

Poem / War and Military

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