Astronomy 1: Expansion and Contraction of the Universe

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A series of short stories / flash fiction pieces which may become integrated into a longer piece. The theme, obviously, is astronomy.

Expansion and Contraction of the Universe


Rays of milky paleness extended into glistening dark.  He entered.  Repressed peals rang perplexed, not knowing if what was taking place, truly was.

As the universe expanded, some seconds into infinity, stars exploded, life formed, evolved, then dissipated.

The universe contracted.  He pulled away—reality had become fragmented leaving jagged cracks like a mirror surviving a fall. 

Entropy, the disorder of the system, determines the forward motion of time.  Time cannot be reversed.

He now lie prone and looked to meet the outcome of the new universe.  The eyes which met his were now known.

Submitted: March 06, 2009

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