saving pizza city

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Submitted: March 24, 2016

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Submitted: March 24, 2016



Saving pizza City

by: Mahogany peak

“RING”. Great the end of school. When Raven walked out of the class she went to the spot that she hid at so that the bully wouldn’t get her.

“Did you know that there is a girl named Raver or whatever her name is.” Derek, one of the bullies minions said.

“Yeah we should look for and show her what we can do.” Todd says. Oh no they are looking for me. Raven thinks to herself. When Raven thought that everyone was gone, She went to her locker to get her backpack, she then saw a shadow fall over her. She knew that the bullies never leave school until they see their prey leave. Raven didn’t move, she didn’t want the predator to know that she was scared.

“Well Well, you think that hiding is going to save you.”

“Don't make eye contact with them,” she says to herself. Raven closed her locker and started to walk away.

“HEY, when we are talking to you, you listen!” Todd yells. I started to walk a little faster.

“Go after her!” Todd yells. I started to run. I’m not that athletic. When I got around the corner of the lockers. I was out of breath. I couldn’t run anymore. I listened to see if they were still running after me. When I my breathing settled down I started to walk. Out of nowhere Todd jumps out and punches me in the face. I fell to the ground, all I felt was pain on left side of my head. I hurry to my feet, I tried to run. When I got to the door, I pushed it opened. Outside I see that there is just… Pizza. I run so fast outside. I drop to the floor all I felt was warm mushy sticky cheese. I never felt this warm in life. I picked up one of the pizza flowers on the ground.

“Stop my lady, don't eat that pizza.” A voice calls to me. I look up and I see that a there's a person shaped as pizza. I decided to not listen to the pizza guy. I get up and put a serious look on my face. Then I put the pizza halfway to my mouth. “No stop that right now” The pizza guy tells me.

“Give me one good reason not to eat it.” I yell in my hungry voice.

“Ok my lady no need to be so hungry, I will show you why you can not eat the pizza.” Then he pulls a Extra Large pepperoni pizza out of his bag.

“Look into this, Don’t eat it.” I look into the Extra Large pepperoni pizza. I see a little pizza girl and a little pizza boy.

“What is going on why do they look like that…. They look like the stuffed with other pizza people.” I look away and felt like crying.

“Why would people do that?” I put the pizza flower down on the cheesy ground. “What do I have to do.. To help the little pizza people?” I ask.

“You need to find the Pizza Queen and eat her.” The Pizza Guy looks at me with a sad look on his face.

“Why do you look so sad pizza guy?” I asked.

“My name is Pete the Pizza.” he explains.

“Oh will Pete the Pizza, why do you look so sad?” I questioned

“Oh it's nothing.” Pete says melancholy.

“There is something wrong. Tell me now!” I demand.

“Its that I kinda like the Pizza Queen, but I have family that needs to be saved.” Pete says all depressed.

“We can figure out something better than hurting the Pizza Queen.” I decided.

“Ok I think that we should stop this before it gets too bad” he says cheerfully.

“Ok where do we go?” I asked confused.

“We need to go to the Pizza Queens castle.” Pete said exhausted.


When we reached the Pizza Queen's Castle. Pete walked in ahead of me.


“I think that you should stay behind me.” Pete whispered.

“Why?” I questioned.

“because you may get hurt.” Pete whispered.

“I can take care of myself, I don’t really need you to save me or protect me!” I yelled standing up straight.

“Please Raven keep your voice down, you don't want to--” All of a sudden the ground started to shake.

“What is that?” I asked.

“You were to loud, and you awakened the Supreme Extra large, Extra cheesy, with all topping pizza guard.” Pete Roared.

“What… But what are we going to do?!” I demand Running behind a tree.

“We need to fight back, running away isn't always the option.” Pete demanded.

“I’m… not running away, I’m umm hiding.” I said.

“Come out now!” Pete demands. When I got to Pete’s side he handed me a slice of pizza.

“Thanks Pete, I was really hungry.” I say.

“NO… don’t eat that.” Pete screams swing a large sword and the Supreme Extra large, Extra cheesy, and all topping pizza guard.

“I was being sarcastic.” I say.

“Just swing at the Supreme Extra large, Extra cheesy, and all topping pizza guard.”

“Whatever ok.” I say swinging the slice of pizza at the Supreme Extra large, Extra cheesy, and all topping pizza guard, and the slice of pizza turned into a sword. I swung the sword again at the Supreme Extra large, Extra cheesy, and all topping pizza guard. When I hit the Guard, he fell to the ground.

“Get on his head” Pete demands. I jump on the Supreme Extra large, Extra cheesy, all topping guard, It letted out a yelp for help.

“Now finish it, kill it.” I lift my sword up and stabbed it into the Supreme Extra large, Extra cheesy, all topping guard. When I got off of the guards head Pete looked at me with a terrified look on his face.

“What is wrong?” I asked a little frightened. I know that I killed the pizza gaurd, but seriously, what was I supposed to do?

“Y-you k-killed the p-pizza guard.” Pete stutters.

“Yeah, I know you told me to it.” I say to him.

“You defeated the pizza guard, that was the most scariest thing in pizza city.” Pete says with happiness and still shock on his face.

“Really, I was really scared that I wasn’t going to kill it, but I did.” I say realizing that I did something for myself.

“Now you see that you can stand up for yourself” Pete says.

“W-what are you talking about, I can u-um take care of myself.” I stutterd. Pete walks over the pizza gaurd.

“Okay whatever you say, we should keep going before it's too late.” Pete says.

“What will happen if we stay?”I asked concerned.

“Come on, you don't really want to know what is going to happen.” Pete says starting to run. As I tried to catch up with him, a tall pizza Skyscraper appeared out of nowhere.

“What is this?’ I ask looking up at the pizza.

“This is the Pizza Queens castle” Pete says. Pete took another step towards the door that was hidden on the side of the skyscraper. When we walked into the skyscraper, it got darker and darker as we went in deeper into darkness.

“What you told me that no one was out there you told me that every human was turned into a pizza and that I eat them all.” A loud voice boomed through the walls of darkness.

“Y-yes you ate the all m-my queen, B-but there was someone that c-came o-out of a portal.” Another voice says.

“A portal!!” A voice boomed through the darkness.

“Y-yes my queen.” A voice.

“Raven we need to keep moving.” Pete said. As we moved through the darkness, something started to grab my leg.

“Pete stop, that's not funny.” I said trying not to raise my voice.

“I’m not doing anything, what are you talking about?” Pete asked.

“You grabbed my leg… stop playing around.

“Raven i’m not do……” Pete stops suddenly.

“Pete are you there?” I asked. Nothing but laughter answered.

“You friend will never get back.” A voiced boomed through the walls. I felt something grab my leg and pull me. I was falling for some reason.

‘Now you are going to be just like your friend.” The voice said. I felt a sharp pain on my ankles.

“Ugh what are you doing to me?” I screamed in pain.

“You are going goodbye for good.” The voice said.


What happened after:

Raven never made it out of the pizza castle. She was served to the Pizza Queen to be eaten. No one ever heard from Raven, ever again.

© Copyright 2018 Mahogany Peak. All rights reserved.

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