"Please Don't Leave Me!"

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The feelings of a girl and her reaction toward her boyfriend when he finally decides that he has to move on and dissolve their relationship.

Submitted: May 24, 2012

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Submitted: May 24, 2012



Please don’t leave me”, I begged as I tried to hold back my tears. I never wanted to cry, I wanted to be strong. I could feel my eyes burning as the tears flowed down my cheeks. I didn’t want to see him leaving. “Darn!” Why was this all happening? For the GREATER GOOD! But it was not even bringing better to me. What about all the promises? He promised to never leave me and never let my tears hit the floor. But now he was ready to leave me sobbing? “TRAITOR, CHEATER, LIAR!” I thought as I pleaded in front of him. I just couldn’t believe my first love was breaking my heart. I used to hate many things about him but these all in the end made me love him. For him I would have done whatever and I just couldn’t believe we won’t be together. The flashback had started in my head of all the memories we had to sometimes look back on. I never knew it would get like this, boy what you do to me. Of all the boys I ever knew it was always him. I was ready to take him as he was. Was it really happening? Or was it just a dream? I knew I was dreaming and I waited until this shocking scenario just vanished in a puff of dust. But it never happened. Now the time had come to face the truth and what really was destined to happen. The time for the final goodbye. He quietly stood up to leave. I wanted to scream out loud but my mouth didn’t allow me to. My lips got stuck as if somebody had glued them and I couldn’t just utter a single word. My eyes drained tears. And I stood silent, hopelessly. I knew that he would never come back. But still I prayed that he will come back laughing and saying, “Come on kidrauhl! I was joking”. Kidrauhll was the pet name he had put on me. And I used to love being called so. But now it was all gone. I could feel a hole in my chest which laid my whole body in pain. The hole which could never be healed.

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