Dark Poems Without Warrant

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Some poems I wrote over a period of time. Most, if not all of them, are about abuse, insanity, and death. Tell me what you think, please.

Submitted: January 06, 2012

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Submitted: January 06, 2012



His Touch

A single touch, a single cry
for the uncontrolled power of his touch
A single tear, a single whine
for the violence of his touch
A single momentary loss of control
with which two lives are lost.


A Long Forgotten Song

Pain is pulsing through my veins,
like a familiar beat to a long forgotten song.
It’s searing along course to my heart,
drawing deeper into me, intimately close.
Time goes by, but I don’t notice,
I’m busy feeling that familiar beat,
screaming that long forgotten song.


Happy Heart

Black and Blue,
those beautiful hues, decorate my skin,
slightly tender in their splendor.
My heart leaps at the sight,
of such beauty resulting from such cruelty.
Be still my happy heart…


“Like Hell...”

“Like Hell…” they say,
and so it is, as that is Hell’s way.
The fires freeze and the cool breeze burns.
The horrors are delectable, while the delicacies are horrors.
The crystal breathes and the life can’t be
all but life itself.
This Hell has its way,
twisting lies and morphing truths
‘til all that and shouldn’t be
is all confusing in itself



Tears fall, bitter crimes are done,
the life that was, can’t be, and so it won’t.
Trials go on and futures are dealt.
The lives lack life, and soon
their bodies shall too.



visions blur, coming and going,
out of focus.
 blinding, brilliant red.
Colors have gone from my sight,
they’ve all disappeared.
All except for red;
blinding, brilliant red,
melting the dirty tainted snow
around me.


‘Unnamed 2’

Wings enclosing,
walls imposing,
all twisted for wicked delights.
Life is fleeting, ever speaking
of pain and pleasure, always as one.
In all these things to be done
one’s pain is one’s pleasure
enfolding, imploding,
forever exploding.


‘Unnamed 3’

Splayed out wings,
hot to the touch,
departing from its flesh,
closing in on the earth
as it melts the frozen rain
illustrating an angel’s pain
with its tainted luster.
The earth hungrily drinking
the life essence that escapes
the mortal bondage,
letting loose the ties of
an innocent’s soul.



Sickly sweet,
brave cowardice;
the deepest desires
of my soul.
My thoughts are strong,
my body is weak.
Always apart,
yet always together.


No more Surprises

The light is dulled,
dying in her eyes
as she sees the hand coming near.
Once it gave her pleasure,
once it filled her with joy.
Now…now it slowly kills her
as she watches it come closer.
It no longer surprises her,
she has come to expect it,
anticipate it,
as it consumes her,
bit by bit.


‘Unnamed 4’

The silver beam that shines
covers everything with lies.
It illuminates the good and grand,
but it hides the sad and bad.
Showing only half-truths,
while lacking all the proof
of true love and heart break
as your mind it slowly takes.


‘Unnamed 5’

Once upon a tear
we all began to hear
the cries of pain and sorrow
in which our senses wallow.
The howls of hatred
and the screams of madness,
none of these can you hear
and yet they’re always ringing in my ears,
as woes of insanity wrap me within a cold embrace
and the demons inside me give chase.

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