You will never be with me.

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Poem denying a young man

Submitted: May 27, 2011

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Submitted: May 27, 2011



Come with me and be my love? Is is some joke, some kind of fun? Houses and cars being nothing to me. Especially you with all your greed

You can sit in your house all by yourself, And spend your time watching the mouse. Cook and clean? No thanks. I'd rather sit arousnd with a frown on my face.

I'm lactose intolerant and honey is too sweet. And money is nothing, it only causes misery. Clothes are easy to make, and shoes i wear none. Love and jewelry, now that's a funny one.

I'll never marry a man like you. One that lies and thieves, now thats the truth. A minute with you is too much to take, Go jump off a bridge, it wont be a mistake.

So please stay out of my life. Go find a pig, she'll make a good wife. And all of the kids you can have, Along with everything else you want me to have.

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