Poems About Life & Love

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a collecton of my poems aout my life and my heart...

Submitted: January 22, 2010

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Submitted: January 22, 2010




I loved a man

with everything I had

So ferociously

Holding him closely

I gave all the best of me

And all he did was take from me


Can u feel me

Holding my heart in your hands

Do u feel me

Embracing my soul with your own

Can u hear me

Crying out for you

Will you answer my call

And come running

Make my dreams a reality

Give yourself to me fully

Loving me

Holding me

Making me feel brand-new

Can u feel me babe

The way I’m feeling u


Love and war

War and love

That’s all we are

Once connected hearts

Now tiny pieces ripped apart

You shot me

So I stabbed you

Our spirits have become such bruised,

Tangled masses of red, black and blue

We need to let each other go

Give it up, start over

With someone new

Somehow I just can’t

Because of how much I love you


I love you

Despite all we go through

I love you

Missing you, not kissing you

Needing to be near you

Needing to hear you

Say you love me too

I love you so much

Me without you would never be enough

I don’t what the future will bring for us

But I know I love you

And I hope you love me

As much as I love you


Teardrops fall

From the skies

of my eyes

Running cold in a river of hurt

Down my cheeks

To my pillow

Soaking the cotton

An ocean of emotion

Drowns me

Huge tidal waves of

Memories crash

Against me

And the cycle begins again

Teardrops fall

From the skies of

Of my eyes

Running hot in a geyser of pain

Pooling on my face

I close my eyes as I

Try to seek refuse

From these

Tumultuous tidal

Waves of you

My heart breaks

Ripping in tiny pieces

Of what we used to be

Now I just

Wanna forget

And let go so I can finally be free


I don’t know why

Can’t fathom how

But I crave you

I want you here with me right now

I’m more in love with you

Than is wise to be

Because everything is screaming

You don’t love me

Out on my sleeve, my heart, I wear

But then I guess you just don’t care

Is there another

Who’d be a better lover

Someone who

Can care more about you than I do?

Is there someone prettier than I?

There probably is

But why

Why would you go and run to her?

When my heart is crying out for you

And I can’t imagine myself with anyone but you

I give you my all

My everything

So as my weeping endures this night

I tell myself I’ll be all right

Because when I rise early the next day

Nothing but joy is coming my way


Love is an emotion

That can’t quite be described

It takes over

Your heart

Your soul

Your body

Your mind

Its unconditional

Caring, sharing

During the best

For the worst

You give just as much as

You take

You feel

So much


And heartbreak

You put all you got into it

And you admit

You love them

You can’t stand to be apart

United together as one soul, one heart


I envision myself in your arms

Wrapped inside your blanket of love

You kiss the loneliness of my soul

Your breath against my skin revives me

I’m alive

when I’m with you

All I do is smile

When I’m close to you

My heart breaks

When we’re together

I have always loved you

I like the way you make me feel

Surrounding me securely with arms like steel

Your spirit heals my wounds

I wanna be with you forever

I wanna leave you forever

I’m torn

every time I get over you

A scent

A touch

A memory

Enters my heart

And I’m alive

When I’m with you

I smile

When I’m close to you

My heart breaks

To be near you

I cry

I sigh

A part of me dies

When I’m with you


Why do I love you

The way I do

Is it because

You love me too

Or is it how

You make me feel

Holding me in your

Arms of steel

My soul is screaming inside

Yearning for you, I won’t be denied

Your hair dark as night

Invades my thoughts, controlling my mind

Your lips, your eyes

I’m hypnotized

I love you more each day

And I’m so lucky and glad

You feel the same way





Not to fall

In love with you




That you love me too

Lead me to your arms

Grab me with your warmth

Smile upon the depths of me

Fill me with your hope

The earth shakes

My heart breaks

My body quakes

I miss you again

My heartbeat sounds

Like a thousand drums from hell

I’m losing ground

I wanna touch you again

I wanna feel you again

I wanna hold you again

Lead me to your arms

Grab me with your warmth

Smile upon the depths of me

Fill me with your hope


I’m crazy I know

Thinking about you

I gotta be crazy

Cuz ur even in my dreams

I must be outta my mind

Loving you

When you don’t feel the same

I get chills running down my spine

When I see you

And you take my breath away

I’m crazy about you

Only you

You are like my oxygen

I need you to breathe

My very reason for


I love you

I need you

I give myself


To you

And I know

I’m crazy


Being with you

Is conversation

Your eyes tell me

“I want you”

And send shockwaves down my spine

Your nose wrinkles

As a smile crosses

Your lips that speak

Volumes, though they

Scarcely part from mine

Your fingertips

Caress my skin

Serenading my body

Setting me afire

Your soul whispers

“ I love you.”

And through

Pleasuring vibrations

Hot, heavy, rapid


Our conversation

Climaxes and erupts

Breathing out in gusts

We capture each other

Dream lovers

Closely cuddled


We speak again



Eyes open

Gazing at me


Lips part

In a smile

So ferocious


I melt


There’s no need

For you to

Touch me

Just keep doing


You’re doing

Don’t even

Try to hold me

I see in your eyes

I can tell by your smile

I hear in it in the way you breathe


Want me


Need me


Love me



Don’t have to say a word

Body language

Says enough

Do You

You do you

Cuz I’ma do me

God made us exactly

How we were supposed to be

I am me


I don’t need anyone

To justify me

Knowing who I am

Where I come from

An educator

Here to teach all the haters

See, I represent

The generation

Of limited


Do what we want

What we gotta do

Leaving all the worry

Up to you

Dust off my hands

Brush off my shoulders

Making new plans

Wiser, older

With prior obligations

That don’t include

Me wasting my

Precious time

On a busta like you


Its dark

But your love shines bright

I’m blind


Your touch opens my eyes to give me back my sight

I’m cold


Your voice warms me from inside

Winter air chills

Your body

Your arms

Your hands


my hat

My jacket

My gloves

When I’m feeling down

Your spirit lifts

Me off the ground

No one else pays attention

You and only you

Stop and listen

I’m sad

I’m lost

You are my joy

Once I’m found

I’m so happy

And so lucky to have you


Wonderful you

My guiding light


Crowding my head

My eyes are red

I can’t sort them through


I don’t know what to do

Closing those eyes

I drift inside

Searching for my memories

Of you


I’ve found it

I’m floored

I’m grounded

All it took

Was your face

Your voice

Your smile

Simply you and

Your love

My mind

Kisses anxiety goodbye


This physical pain

Ain’t a thang

Compared to what you

Have put my soul through

My heart is shattered

My mind is battered

All because you lied

Describing a life

We were supposed to have

I frown

I sigh

I laugh

I cry

I remember how it used to be

And how it turned out to be

You played me

Cheating with other tricks

And all the while

Laying me down

telling me how

They were only lust


I was your world

But if that’s the truth

Why’d you need the others?

Are you James bond?

Is the world not enough?

I meant it when I said I

Loved you and

I’m yours forevermore

So now

As your fists

Make contact

And bruise

Recognize that

Nothing you do to me


Will ever hurt me

As much you

Hurt me emotionally






I wanted to get to know you

So I

Read the words you wrote

I felt what you were feeling

And I

Want us to be close

Like we used to be

Sharing whatever we had

Cheering each other up when we were sad

I’ll bet you never knew

How much I have

Missed you

Being around

Keeping me on

Solid ground

Your laugh, your smile

Your ability to

Make me mad and

Hate you a little too

You’ll never know exactly what you mean to me

You’re like my brother

My best friend

Never pretending to be

Anything more than

Who you are

I miss you

cuz you’re close

And yet so far


What is love?

If not a

Tormenting demon in my soul

Why give

My heart to you when

I know I will never receive yours in return?

Why should I

open myself up

Just to be ripped apart?

Left here all alone

With my bleeding, aching heart

I gave you all my love

My heart

My soul

My body

My mind

And now you

Have run away

What were the words I could say

The things I could do

To make you

Be true

And want to stay?

Why did you tell me

“Baby, I love you…”

Kiss my lips

Pull me near

Hold me close

Make love to me

So passionately

Like you needed the very essence of me

To breathe

To live

To survive

And now you’re gone

I’m alone

Wondering why

What’s the point

Of love?



Sugary sweet lies?

In my eyes

We are all insane

Love is a drug

Get addicted

Get high

Take too many hits

Then fuck around

And die




Love it or hate it?

I love it

The first flirt…

Leading to the

First kiss

And then the

First date

The talking

The laughing

The teasing and joking

And interacting

Then the first time you….


It blows your mind

You’re feeling wrong

Yet you feel so right

You’re feeling real guilty

But it feels so nice

Then afterwards trouble begins…


Love it or hate?

That’s where hating it comes in

He starts stalling

He stops calling

Your tears keep falling

Suspicions are crawling

Inside your mind

Accusations are too easy to find

Stress is added

To the situation at hand

And before you know it

Love’s over like it never began

You swear to yourself

Never ever

I won’t do this shit again

Until you meet

A guy who’s

Kinda sexy

Kinda fly

Look him dead in the eye

Flirting first

Kissing later

And you start your way back up

The crazy love elevator



It’s finally over

My mind is sober

I can’t stop smiling

I’m happier than I’ve been

in a long damn time

So a big thanx goes to you

For all the shit

You put me through

If my heart hadn’t been broken

And we were still together

I might never have gained the strength

And wisdom

To know that

I can do bad all by myself

I don’t need you or anyone else

I know how it feels now

When the sun comes out

After the rain

I’m experiencing the joy

That comes after the pain

God told me to love you though

Anyhow, anyway

So I do

I really do

But I still have to say

Fuck you

I hate you

And thank you

Cuz we are over

And I am sober

My mind is free

I’m finally happy

I know what to expect

From myself

I won’t disappoint me

I won’t make myself cry

I won’t cheat

Or lie

I won’t run and hide

Cuz I’m afraid of the things I’m feeling inside

I won’t have to hope and pray

For a better day

Jesus hold me steady

In his grip

So I’m letting you go

And starting my trip

To live and

To love

Without you


I still picture you

And what you used to do

Pursing your lips

Blowing me a kiss

To get me to

Kiss you

And when I do

Don’t you know

It hurts like hell

My heart sinks into my stomach

And my soul screams out for you

But my head reminds me that you’re gone

I have no one

And here I am still loving you

And I haven’t a clue how

You feel

What is the deal

What should I do?

I want so badly to live

But my heart wont let me

I want to forget you but

My heart wants me to forgive you

You broke my heart

Ripped me apart

And I am not the me I used to be

I can’t get back to myself

Somehow I don’t feel whole

Since you left…..

All I can do I cry

Not even bothering to wipe these brown eyes

What would be the point

If the tears are just going to fall

Down my cheeks again

And this hurts like hell

I wish I could die to

Escape this fire

Usher said let it burn

But it hurts

It hurts

It just hurts like hell






I love you

This much I know is true

But do you love me

That’s something I have yet to see

And I don’t know how much longer

I can wait to find out

I am only a shell

Of the woman I used to be

My body is a casket for

A broken heart

And a dead soul

And you are the

Homicidal maniac who

Did this to me

All you had to do

Was love me

That’s all

I Ever wanted

But you…..

Chose instead to kill me


All these tears I have cried

Can no longer even fall


Give me your hand

Let me hold


And look deep

Into your soul

Be bold

If you dare

Search my eyes


Your heart

reflected there


(dedicated to my Big Mama R.I.P. )

Peace be still

As my eyes fill

Up with tears

That have been

Welling up

Over the years

Always knowing

Her time was growing

Closer, nearer

What I wouldn’t give to her, to hear her

Voice and laughter

Just once more

I’m broken to the core

But part of me can see

That finally she’s blessed to be


From all the suffering

And all her love


Showering down from above

The sun begins to shine

And when I close my eyes

I can see her smile

Saying everything is all right

So I hold that close to my heart and pray

To keep the pain and sorrow at bay

Knowing that though her life here has come to an end,

Someday I’ll be seeing her again


Love is a four letter word that ends with hurt

You give your heart and all of you

Just to be dragged through the dirt

All the while you’re nothing but true

But the one you love doesn’t even love you

So after it’s over

After it’s done

You’re the one

Who sits around

With tears in your eyes

Wondering how

Wondering why

Was all he said simply a lie?

You don’t wanna eat

You can’t seem to sleep

You feel like you could curl up and die

And then you get it together

Tell yourself it’ll get better

Doing your best to stand up

And be strong

If it’s meant to be it’ll be

And if not, the right one will come along



I been going through changes

since there’s no more you and me

I’m no longer the girl I used to be

I’m a woman with a broken heart

And I can’t stop crying over you


I feel like

I can’t go on

I feel as if the game we played

Is just another one that you have won



I remember the first time I saw I face

I couldn’t forget you

You had me in daze

In so many different ways

And I know I already have a man

But baby I got a plan that involves only you and I

Come closer and look into my eyes

It feels so right

Laying here with you tonight

Even when I know it’s the wrong thing to do

My heart should be true to him

He’s my baby

And I have loved him for so long

But then you came along

And made me forget

All the things that he said

I can’t get you outta my head

I wish that when I met him it had been you

But now I know what I gotta do

And what I gotta do is so hard

How can I just break his heart?

I wake up every morning with you on my mind

Thoughts of my baby aren’t that far behind

How is it that a girl can be in love with two

It’s impossible to be true

To either one of you

I wish I knew what to do


Blow my mind

Just one more time

I try to hide

From the feelings

You create inside of me

But each night I

Lie awake and cry

For you

My heart’s one true


The man who gives me

That fire

I can’t believe how much

I love you

How much my

Body and soul

Yearn for you

What did you do

Cast a spell

Over my senses

In a relentless

Sort of way

To devour my actions

And have me belong to you

In every imaginable way?





© Copyright 2019 Maille Kohoano. All rights reserved.

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