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its a story about a girl who wakes up, and finds herself to be in a coma.

Submitted: May 09, 2010

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Submitted: May 09, 2010



It had to be a dream. That was the only conclusion that I could come up with. Nothing but a horrible dream.
But, if it was a dream…why couldn’t I wake up?
I tried to open my eyes. But, for some unknown reason, my eyelids refused to uncover my eyes. I tried to move, to move anything at all. Nothing. I was unable to do anything. And all I could see was black.
I could vaguely hear voices around me. I tried to say something, to voice the panic that was starting to set in. But, as I had come to expect, nothing happened.
I started to freak out in my mind. What was wrong with me? Was I dead? And if I was, was this hell?
The voices got louder, hysterical. I recognized the voice of my own mother. I tried to calm my thoughts, so that I could concentrate on what she was saying.
“Is..isn’t there anything you can do?” I heard her say, he voice breaking mid-sentence.
A deeper, masculine voice. “I’m deeply sorry Mrs.Redman. Your daughter’s in a coma. We have her stabilized, but, for some reason, we can’t wake her up.”
Crying. “Can she hear us? Is she in there at all?”
That deep voice again. “We don’t know.”
I tried to cry out, to tell them that I could hear everything they were saying. But, of course, nothing.
I was in a panic by then. A coma? I was in a coma? How could this happen? There was no way I could be in a coma?!
I felt someone lean over me. A tear fell on my face. I wanted so desperately to say something, to tell my mother that she shouldn’t cry. But, in truth, I felt like crying myself. If only I could.
I felt her hug myself to her. A soft kiss on my forehead. “I love you honey.” She whispered softly in my ear. Then, I was back onto my pillow.
“Please doctor….call us if anything changes.” I heard her choke out.
“We will….but, Mrs. Redman, try to not get your hopes up.”
More sobs. Then, a closing door. My mother had left.
I could hear my heart monitor, at least, that’s what I assumed it to be, start to spike. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I was absolutely scared to death.
I lay there, full of terror and panic, as the doctor (or a nurse, I really had no way of knowing), conducted tests on me. They talked the whole time, saying things that they probably wouldn’t have said had they known that I was “awake”.
Finally, after what seemed like forever, or at least, a couple hours or so, they left. I started to feel myself drift off. I let myself go, into what I could only pray was sleep.

I walked down the sidewalk, Mark’s hand in mine. The moon hung low in the sky, only having risen not even an hour ago.
I felt him squeeze my hand lightly. I glanced up at him. He had a grin upon his face.
“Yes?” I asked.
He laughed softly. “did you have a good time tonight?”
I nodded, laughing. “I had a great time.”
He smiled. “good.” He squeezed my hand again, and stopped walking. I stopped as well, and turned so I was facing him.
He smiled, and brought his lips down onto mine. I happily kissed him back.
We stayed like that for who knows how long. I was starting to lose air, when I felt his hands start to creep up my shirt.
I broke it off, and backed up.
He frowned. “What’s wrong?”
I turned away. “I’m not ready for that.”
He remained silent for a while. Then. “Oh.”
I suddenly felt quite uneasy, and slightly uncomfortable. I started to walk away, slowly at first, but picking up speed once I heard him following close behind me.
“Hey! Wait!” I heard him call out to me. I kept going. Practically running now. I was getting nearer and nearer to the intersection ahead of me.
“Jamie! Wait!”
I kept going. I ran out into the street. A squeal of tires. Screeching brakes.
Then nothing.


I awoke, or at least, came back into whatever state that I was forced to live in at the moment. How long had I been like this? I lost count.
Mark had visited. I had heard his voice amid the others. My father had finally came, my mother rarely leaving my room, judging by the constant sound of sobbing. So many tears. So much talk of what was next. Debating. About what to do with me.
I had come to the realization that this could be it. Judging on whatever decision they would make, I could either die, or continue living with whatever form of living this was. My own opinion was never stated, as they all believed that I was basically nothing more than a vegetable, or something of that sort.
Either way, I would have to accept whatever decision they made.
I just prayed that they wouldn’t have to make one.

Days had passed. At least, that’s what I guessed. I’d come to accept my disability, and my fate. I didn’t like it, but really, what could I do?
I heard my mother and father make the decision only a little while ago. If only I could tell them that I’d forgive them, that I was going to be okay. But, of course, that was impossible.
I truly didn’t blame them. They didn’t realize that I was still in there. And, judging by their decision…
They never would.

Pulling the Plug
The time had come. I heard them around me, saying their final goodbyes. Such heart-felt words, such love. And I could only listen.
I felt my mother holding my right hand, my father clutching my left. Instantly, the fear enveloped me as I truly realized that this was the end. I attempted to move, to do anything, using whatever “strength” or willpower that I had left.
The doctor was getting closer to me. I could smell that horrid cologne he wore. I felt like crying more and more as the smell got stronger.
I could hear them preparing to pull the plug. Getting ready to end my life. How the hell could they do this to me??
I heard the crying all around me. That was basically all I could hear anymore. Tear after tear. Reassuring words from the man who was about to take my life.
They were almost ready. I struggled more and more, trying to cut through the invisible bonds that held me in this state.
The doctor leaned over me, checking one last time. I struggled more.
Suddenly, I felt a tear slip down my face. I stopped struggling, shocked. I was crying.
I worked more, finding it to be less of a challenge to attempt at reawakening.
The voices stopped. I wondered vaguely what they were doing.
Then, light flooded into the black that I had been viewing for so long.
My eyes opened.

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