Sun Hopes

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A seated wanting spills on paper.

Submitted: January 31, 2008

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Submitted: January 31, 2008



The day is calling, shouting sunbeams through glass, window panes crossing in silent shadow. Illicit with his cry, swearing in stammered sentences slurred from early morning imbibe. He wants us to bask in the day-glow and soak up his good intentions. Sidewalks yearn to meet with the soles of our feet so they can lead us somewhere unknown and peaceful.

But we play indoors, we will be calling out from the inside with drum beats and bass lines intertwined in musical intellect. No caressing breezes, only ear-pleasure and eye-candy.

Is it right to ignore him when he shines so bright?
Should we be punished with rain clouds instead?

When I try to keep busy, he interrupts with his longing; a wanting to share the happiness that lingers beneath his bright blue head, fluffed with tufts of pure white. To oblige would be divine, if only it were up to me; I would gleam to reflect my pride in nature and praise that living dirt under light feet.

Maybe I'll walk out of here, where the weekend was spent under community covers, enjoying the laughing company of the night. Only us three grace this house with life and music, everyone else has gone to work.
Decisions are easily made, but I'm again defeated.
I'll sleep instead and lucidly march the outdoors in dream.

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