Chicken Fingers

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Be careful what you wish for!

Submitted: May 11, 2015

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Submitted: May 11, 2015



A few years ago, in a small village, just east of here, a young boy was born. His name was Charles. Ever since he was born Charles loved to eat. His parents tried hard to make him diet,but he refused, and so he grew, and grew, and grew. His favourite food was chicken fingers, he loved them, cold or hot.

One day, an advert came on the TV for a new chicken restaurant. they were advertising chicken fingers. Charles immediately asked his parent to take him there. They refused, Charles began to cry. He really wanted to go to that restaurant. He started begging his parents to take him there. After a few days of endless begging, his parents reluctantly agreed to take him. He ran to the car and did his seat belt up and waited, patiently for his parents. They drove into town, and parked in the restaurants car park. Charles ran inside with his parents. He got a kid's chicken finger meal, it came with a toy. Charles gobbled up his food and then looked at the toy, it was a gold oil lamp. A piece of paper was attached to it, it read 'A genie lives in here'.

When Charles got home, he ran to his room with the lamp, he'd seen genie lamps in TV shows before, and so he know what to do with it. He rubbed the lamp, and pink smoke started pouring out of the spout. Soon enough, a genie appeared. He looked at Charles and said, in a camp voice, 'You rubbed?' Charles was confused by this, but said 'You're a genie, give me my three wishes!' The genie rolled his eyes and said 'fictional genies give three wishes, I can only give you one wish.' Charles thought for a minute and said 'OK, I know what I want to wish for.' 'I have to go through some rules first' the genie explained. He then went through a long of rules about what Charles could and couldn't wish for.

After a lot of rules, Charles was ready to make his wish. 'I wish for chicken fingers!' he said. 'Very well',said the genie, cracking his knuckles. He zapped Charles and his fingers turned into chicken fingers! 'That's not what I meant!' shouted Charles, 'change me back!' he shouted. 'I'm sorry, but a wish is a wish, I cannot undo it' the genie laughed, and with a poof of smoke, he disappeared back into his lamp. Charles rubbed and rubbed the lamp, but nothing happened, he didn't know what to do, he was stuck with chicken fingers.

Charles' stomach started to rumble, the smell of his new fingers wafted to his nose. He couldn't resist, he took a bite, it tasted so good. He continued to eat until all of his fingers were gone. He looked at his, now fingerless, hands and began to cry. There was nothing he could do now.

Back in his lamp, the genie sat, laughing maniacally to himself. 'Stupid kid, should have been more clear about what he wanted' he shouted, loud enough for Charles to hear. He clicked his fingers and the lamp dissapeared from Charle's room, leaving Charles on his own with no fingers, wondering how he would explain it all to his parents.

The end.

And the moral of the story is, you should always be careful what you wish for, and don't be greedy.

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