The Invincible Kingdom

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poem I wrote last year for a contest. And yes, this poem is a metaphor for 9-11.

Submitted: October 29, 2011

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Submitted: October 29, 2011



This chapter of our story begins

In the Big Apple where everything ends.


Life goes on, it's Tuesday morning

Two twin dragons sit adjoining


Sittig alone, business as normal.

Sitting alone, they act quite formal.


Then out of the blue and over the horizon,

A knight emerges to slay the dragons.


A crack of thunder, a cloud of smoke,

A Manhattan skyline, no longer a joke.


Terrified; the peasants of this so safe kingdom

Scream as the second

Beast is feated.

By another knight,

From another kingdom.


Two twin dragons,

Mightier than all, roared and thrashed

Breathed fire and ash, fought and clashed.


Lonely and helpless a great nation watched.

United more than ever before

By what pulled them down,

and to the ground.


They watched together, as with a roar,

The two dragons crumbled

To the concrete floor.


Together they fell, together they mourned.

Together they rose, and forever they joined.







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