I am in you; you are in me.

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My personal experience in the form of a poetry.

Submitted: February 25, 2014

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Submitted: February 25, 2014



I am in you; You are in me.

About my beloved, There’s a lot I want to say.  But for his mighty bright demeanor; words fail to glide my way.

Lost and broken I was; when he first found me. How terribly blind was I; but he taught me to see.

Silent screams were, clouding my sight, but his merciful heart, ached at my plight.

He saw me through the way, and guided me, Although fighting back, I refused to believe.

Like a deserted child, my arms were stretched to hold. Giving me a hand, "You r never alone", his whispers told.

I started braving my struggles, for my hero was with me. He was taking all the bruises, that were truly meant for me.

One fine day, don’t know how, And I won’t know when...the waves of sorrows, had receded one by one.

The bright sun was smiling; the pain was no more. My heart was singing, for I was safe on the shore.

I looked for him around, with tears of gratitude. To be seen nowhere, he left me to my solitude.

Those solitary moments made me realize, To keep me safe, he paid a price.

His whispers in my heart helped me define... The clouds had to go...The sun had to shine.

Who I am, is what I find; & the hand he gave, was none other but mine.

I cried, without you I am nothing. Without you, I can’t be.

He said, O! You MUST, if you want me to be. For,  I am in you, and You are in me.


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