Status: Finished


Status: Finished


Poem by: maitree

Genre: True Confessions


Poem by: maitree


Genre: True Confessions



for all the people who mattered to me


for all the people who mattered to me


Submitted: July 12, 2010

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Submitted: July 12, 2010




Mom and dad-

sorry for all the fights I had!

Arjun my sweetest brother-

there cant be any another.

Heena being my first friend in Bombay,

I knew she would always stay.

Wilson time, I thought was the best,

A change is as good as the rest.

Ups and downs are there in everyone’s life,

This is the major reason for all the strife.

Hurting everyone for the selfish deed,

All that mattered was me to breed.

By the time I realized, it was all a mistake,

Things already had a break.

Left with no one-

It was difficult to come all alone.

Graduation years would be different, I made the promise,

This was because, I was wrong I realize.

Almost by the end of year became friends with manali,

But never had any gujrati thali.

Times with her were always fun,

We seriously never cared for none.

Irritating vinit was my priority,

Never did it without his authority.

Ritu dipika; I met you in M.B.A,

You have been gr8 friends needless to say.

Akash- Mr. Attitude I thought you are,

But you always welcomed me in your bar.

Secrets we shared,

We really never cared.

Partners in crime,

We grew with time.

Came in pooja and vibhuti,

Best friends they are you have to agree.

Our fun in the lecture,

Was always a conjecture.

I liked you when I met you- shashwat,

I know I wasn’t a nut.

Friend’s we became,

At the top of this game.

We are so good that we are amaze,

The more things change, the more they stay same.

You came in later

But for me you always matter.

Life before was a bit sleazy,

But you definitely made it easy.

Stay with me is all I would say,

Till the time we both are old and grey.

To me many of you are a great impact,

Together we formed a great pack.

Many names I haven’t mention,

Still all of them deserves a great apprehension.

Have come across some creeps too while walking down the street,

Doesn’t matter to me but I always believe to greet.

You all some or the other way do matter to me the most,

For the same.. lets rise the toast.

© Copyright 2016 maitree. All rights reserved.

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